Monday, December 29, 2008

Trying to get pictures published.

It used to be Funky Dog and Snoopy blanket. Now JJ/S's Ming Ming MUST be with Baby S AT. ALL. Times. She also added one of her Snoopy dolls to the mix for this nap.

We liked the static hair and know JJ will like this pic.

W0nder Pets Flying Boat ball pit, with Ming Ming FAVORITE doll.

Cool gift Grandpa! Mama and Baba would never find me.

What can I say, we have been derelict in our duties as parents. There goes that bad parent thing again. Here's a short video of Baby S playing with half her gift from Grandpa. The tubes connect a teepee and a tent together into a maze of fun. However, we do not have the space, nor the desire to have our daughter evade us all night long in hopes of putting off bedtime.

Abuela and Abuelo, we are going to leave your big present for Dia de Reyes (January 6). This year our tradition of celebrating DDR has come in very handy. Baby S still has a closet full of gifts from previous Christmas and we are going to wrap those up and give them to her as part of her Mama's PR tradition. Then add A&A's big gift and the girl gets to score loot twice. More important, we catch up on gift giving. Baby S has a b-day in March and we hope she's gone through all her Xmas loot by then.

P and I shared the video/still pics responsibilities again, but kept switching who did what. The sad result is that we ended up with an awful lot of video and not enough pictures. SIGH. Also, video over 2 minutes long is a witch to upload on You Tube. is it just us or does that happen to everyone? We do have so called high speed Internet.

Anyhoo, we do not have pictures of Baby S opening presents from Nana but we got video of the whole thing. and there is A LOT. I filmed and P neglected to pick up the camera. Baby S even gushed over the pretty clothing, but her heart is with the lights/music lion, giraffe and parrot(?) set and the quacking Musha Belly (SP?). The MB is just her size and she gets a kick out of the frantic quacking. Baby S still has to play with the tub toys and DVDs, she is kind of slow at this. Oh, she recognized Dora on the fuzzy slippers right away. I hope I addressed everything that was included. Baby S also loved the wrapping, and if her parents had a creative bone in their bodies they could turn it into a nice pillow, because she really liked the snow man. When we get the time we will burn a DVD and mail it with Baby S's pictures.

Baby S is now taking a nap after having had a few rough days. She is simply off and teething. Does teething ever stop? Baby S has been teething since we met and she still only has the four molars she had when we arrived home! Come on, how about giving the poor thing a break? She is uncomfortable, drooling, wants to be on top of Mama. All. The. Time. Baby S also has very odorous (OK, they are TOXIC) bowel movements and is plain miserable. Teething med does not work and forget the alcohol advise. The last thing we need is to end up at the ER, have the staff smell alcohol on our 21-month old and pretend that we do not know better.

Baby S has added another member to her bed entourage. She is TOTALLY into the Ming Ming doll that JJ and S gave her. As it turns out, the talking MM doll was in the same package as the W0nder Pets Flying Boat. P is retracting all the cussing he spewed on Christmas morning. Sadly, the same doll that brought so much joy to our girl at the store, in the package, scares her stiff outside the package. We are banishing talking MM until Baby S stops the blood curling screams. JJ and S, you did end up saving our hides big time. Except that Baby S insists on "carrying" MM everywhere, including bed. Kind of difficult to do when the doll is nearly Baby S's size. Still she is cute when she tries and this is what it's all about, getting to see that happy look on her face. Between the drooling, kicking, and screaming.

Michelle, the bracelet is beautiful and Baby S loves it. We are surprised you got her wrist size almost right, because Baby S has the smallest wrists we have ever seen. I need to get a picture of her wearing the bracelet and will post it ASAP.

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Noemi said...


New reader here! I am Puerto Rican living in Florida and we keep the Reyes tradition with our boys. It is very important for us that even tho we dont live in the island they grow up with native traditions!

You have a lovely family!

Hope you have a nice New Year!