Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby S and Mama spend two hours apart.

Last night, cracking herself up while using her brother as a pillow.

Today was the big day, when Baby S stayed home while Mama ran some errands. I intentionally left things to do today because if I hadn't, I know that when the time came to leave, I would have found a reason to stay.Meaning P and I had talked about the need for Baby S to be left home with someone other than one of us. Our friend D had agreed to baby-sit but for some reason P and I kept procrastinating. So we decided that JJ's visit was a great opportunity to bite the bullet.

I did not even leave detailed instructions for JJ, just told him "You know where everything is, feed her if she is hungry, change her if she needs it and call me if you need me." Yeah, I know, so not getting the Mother of the Year Award.

And that is the weird thing, that for all my over protectiveness of Baby S, I felt very comfortable leaving her with JJ. Other than P and I she could not do better than her big brother. I was very pleased ans surprised when JJ texted that Baby S fell asleep. I did not expect her to do this because sometimes when she is with P she would not sleep unless I'm there. Our daughter has an uncanny ability to fight sleep, especially when she is stressed out. She did not even cry when I left (sob) and did not cry herself to sleep. She whimpered, JJ gave her her blankie and FD and Baby S was out. The picture above, that's how I found her.

"Mama, you think placing me in my playpen is going to deter me from touching and causing chaos. Well, look what I have in my grubby little hands. HA!"

Outfit courtesy of Grandpa, who sent Baby S a lot of clothing recently including Hawaiian dresses and much awaited Maui T-shirts, like the one she is wearing.

Baby S is usually perched on her Baba, so I found it cute how she sat between P and JJ.

Making sure her brother does not enjoy a peaceful second.

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