Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby S The Explorer Is 21 Months Old

Playing with the PC at the tire center.

Want to see what I want for my Sweet 16?

BaBa said I could have it.

We will not be entrusting Baby S's driver's ed to them.

Recharging batteries to face yet another day. Look at her sleeves, she pulls them up herself and gets pretty annoyed when we pull them down. Check out that wild hair, that is going to result in some serious bed head tomorrow morning.

Last month Baby S celebrated her 20 months on earth by waking up at 4:00 a.m. and starting her own party. This month she decided to kick the fun up a notch and find out how much could her Mama's heart take before giving out. Baby S La Exploradora managed to open the doors to her bathroom, her closet, our bedroom and our bathroom in record time. We had no idea that someone so short could reach the door handles.

We had an appointment to get the van tires rotated, balanced and aligned. According to P I was supposed to have that done a while back and he was not happy about my memory lapse. He made an appointment and reminded me how important it was in terms of our safety. I think he mumbled something about untimely death, losing his wife and daughter or something like that. So kind soul that I am, I took Baby S out in the freezing cold (34 degrees is freezing to us Californians) and waited for over an hour in the name of safety. Baby S did a great job even though she was bored out of her skull and only managed to damage one of the tires on display. She befriended a 7-year old girl that was equally bored and they played for quite a while. The girl is learning Spanish and was counting from 1-5 when Baby S decided to up the ante and said "cachete." That floored the little girl and her mother. My daughter the show off.

P joined us after work and then we purchased latches for our doors in order to keep Baby S from trashing the house and diving into the toilets. It appears that Baby S has made the transition to her crib without the drama that we have come to expect from out diminutive drama queen. On to the next battle.

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