Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Practicing her penguin walk.

First time trying out her lady bug bean bag,

Our lady bug.

About to the do the sign for sorry. Baby S got a time out after pulling Mama's hair.

I joined them shortly after taking this picture.

Yeah! Mama made my favorite comfort food, arroz (rice) con habichuelas (beans) y aguacate (avocado).

This is new, mmmmmm, yummy. You guys were holding back on me? I could have been inhaling platanos maduros fritos (fried plantains) for the past five months.

Yesterday we did not get squat done. Upon awakening, P informed me that we were taking a day to recuperate, just take it easy. So we played with the munchkin and bent over backwards trying to get her to eat. She had sausage and hash browns for breakfast, but refused her milk. She drank orange juice and Gatorade throughout the day.

Baby S is asking to spend time in her room and that is a good sign. Until now, she's spent most of her time in the living room, which has become her play area. This week, she's been doing the sign for up and when I hold her she keeps making the sign, then slowly it dawned on me that she wanted to go upstairs to her room. Who knew that patience would eventually pay off?

We skipped lunch and took a nap in the afternoon. We did not bother to place Baby S in her crib. P really missed cuddling up with her and I did not see the harm since she is sleeping on her own through the night.

Just before her nap Baby S earned a well deserved time out for pulling my hair. It was not an accident, she was pi$$ed that I would not allow her to dive from our very high bed and just pulled. So I simply placed her in her crib and walked away. Baby S did apologize after her time out.

Growing up in PR, rice and beans were a staple of daily life. Once I was on my own I tried to steer away from said staple and expand my horizons. I never thought that my children would be so into eating rice and beans. J has always loved the rice/beans/avocado combo as a comfort food. Much to my chagrin P also loves it and requests it frequently. If J and/or P need a pick me up that is all it takes food wise. I thought I was going to finally find an ally in Baby S, but she too is unable to resist the PR pull. Whatever....

P asked me to prepare rb&a yesterday for dinner, hoping that Baby S would eat. I remembered that I had a ripe plantain and since Baby S loves bananas, I decided to make them and see if she liked them. Other than French fries, we do not eat fried foods, so I did not feel too bad indulging Baby S. I wish I had made them sooner, because our girl inhaled half a plantain on her tiny own. Abuela is going to be busy cooking for her when she visits in March.

Baby S slept in her crib for the fourth time and we are anxiously waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. This is certainly not it, right? Is it because she is sick? Isn't she supposed to wake up multiple times requesting to be taken to bed with us? We thought this was supposed to be a long, drawn out process. No, we are not complaining, just kind of baffled.

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