Saturday, December 13, 2008

Now we both have colds and P is getting there.

Mama, I'm not feeling well. Love those sad puppy eyes.

I've heard that drinking lots of orange juice helps you get rid of a cold.

It worked!

Relax people, he IS wearing undies. This is a nightly occurrence for us as Baby S takes over our king size bed by kicking us or head butting us into a small space. It totally cracks me up that P is already missing this.

Third night in her crib.

Baby S believes in spreading the wealth, and for her this comes in the form of a cold. By noon yesterday my throat was all scratchy and my nose stuffed. I am not surprised as we are attached at the hip and Baby S kisses me on the lips about a hundred times a day. Besides, it beats the cold/allergy/asthma combo I get every Christmas since moving to the Pacific Northwest. That I truly hate, so I am OK with the common cold, although P is right now praying that I get dengue fever instead. I do pain, fevers you name it without flinching. The common cold? It floors me and turns me into a beast. This is going to be a fun weekend.

Today, we met P for lunch but Baby S did not eat much as her throat is obviously bothering her. We are making sure to keep her hydrated and she did have her instant breakfast this morning. We had a few things to do and I must say that for a sick baby she did a great job of waiting without complaining once.

Baby S fell asleep on the way home and again surprised me by going back to sleep when I removed her from the carseat. I quickly took her upstairs to her crib. This is another area where we have seen slow but satisfactory progress. Until our trip to San Francisco, if Baby S was asleep when removed from her carseat, the nap was over. You have no idea how much gas (at those outrageous prices) I have gone through parked in front of the house (needed the AC during summer) for almost an hour, just to make sure that she got her beauty sleep.

Baby S also did not fall asleep like most children do, you know just conking out in the middle of whatever they are doing. No matter how tired, sleep is always a struggle that would take a minimum of 30 minutes to sometimes hours. Then the day of the SF trip she fell asleep on her carseat, and when we got home she surprised me by laying her head on my shoulder (another first as she is always hyper-vigilant) and returning to sleep. Not only that, but she remained asleep while I took her clothes off and got her ready for bed.

Back to yesterday. Baby S took a nap and when I heard her cry I went to check on her to find her awake in her crib. She did not reach out to me as usual and did not do the sign for up, even more unusual. I picked her up and sat on the gliding chair with her. I glided for a few minutes without protest and then I knew that she really was not feeling well. Baby S NEVER allows me to rock/glide with her (do not bring this up with P as it is a sore subject). Then I heard her snoring! I must admit that her snoring is beyond cute. She spent the next hour and a half napping while I held her.

I decided to keep her upstairs since it is warmer, and in her favorite place, our bed. Don't you love those sad puppy eyes in the first picture? Our poor Baby S was feeling miserable, but her independent streak was out in full force. Although she usually wants us to hold her sippy cup, she decided to buck convention and become all Miss Independent when sick. A little cold medicine, some orange juice and within 25 minutes she was doing the happy dance.

When P arrived home he was not only exhausted but felt that he might be coming down with a cold as well. We just chilled out in bed and played with a by then hyper Baby S. P was out by 8:00 p.m., even though Baby S did her best to kick him around hoping that he'd wake up and play with her.

Baby S was out by 9:30 p.m. and I transferred her to her crib. She woke me up at 1:45 a.m. yelling "JJ" (J). Baby S really misses her big brother and still makes me go over his pictures every day. We have been discussing that we are going to have to make arrangements to visit J more often because this is the most significant relationship she will ever have. Thankfully she did not wake up.

I checked on her at 3:20 a.m. and as I walked into her room she yelled "Mama." Again, she did not wake up, so I guess she just talks in her sleep. It's 4:30 a.m. and she is still peacefully asleep and has not coughed all night. Good, because we have lots to do today.

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