Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well baby check up.

Yesterday: Nap on the go.

Refreshed and ready for mischief.

Where's my Ugly Burger?

Today Baby S and I had mother-daughter doctor's appointments. The doctor was pleased with her development, even though P expected more of a weight gain. In September Baby S was 30" in length, weighed 19 pounds and her head circumference was 17". Today she is 30 3/4" long, weighs 19 pounds 14 ounces and her head circumference is 17 1/2 inches. Doctor Sheila was pleased because Baby S actually made it into the (US) growth chart this time. Baby S has a diaper rash that might be fungal and her dry patches my be eczema, but other than that the kid is solid.

When we were alone, P asked me is Baby S's cousin (8 months younger) is bigger than Baby S. We do not know Bell's stats but I told him that more than likely Bell is bigger and will always be bigger than Baby S. Bell was meticulously cared for in utero and her parents have continued that top notch care since her birth. We have no way of knowing about Baby S's pre-birth care, but we know that when we met her, she was receiving 3 eight-ounce bottles of formula a day and some congee (rice porridge). This is hardly adequate for a 15-month old and her development will forever reflect that deprivation.

We have always believed that the Chinese government is free to do as they wish with their children and we never felt a sense of entitlement (as in we DESERVE a child NOW). That being said, knowing that Baby S was selected for International Adoption early in her life, it truly upsets us that they made this precious child (and so many others in such dire need) wait so long to join a home where her needs would be met. It's not about us, but about the consequences to our daughter. At times like this it is difficult to hide the anger and the hurt that we feel over what she has endured. We also know that the staff at the SWI did the best they could with what they had and were probably as frustrated as we were.

On the positive side, my blood pressure was 100/80, the lowest that it has been in almost three years! My previous doctor and this doctor have really struggled to get it under control, and even though I was doing the right things it just did not budge, not even with medication. Ah, the Baby S effect, not only does she bring joy but she lowers BP. :) P was grinning from ear to ear when the nurse called out my BP, and that was icing on the cake. I know he worries about me a lot, taking time from work to be there for my appointments, so now he can relax.

We treated Baby S to an Ugly Burger and boy is that an apt description. The appeal of the UB joint is that they have a condiment bar and you can customize your burger. We were not very impressed. P makes the best burgers bar none. Baby S enjoyed her fries and all the attention she received from the staff (yawn).

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