Thursday, December 18, 2008


Baby S is all about "helping" and she will lend a helping hand whether you like/need it or not. Here she is Wednesday evening, "helping" P with the delicate task of placing tinsel on the Christmas tree. Notice the traditional Halloween bucket.

OK Baba, listen carefully, you have to do a good job with my first Christmas tree, OK?

A little to the left, that's perfect.

P decided to upgrade to LED lights this year. I'm pretty sure that I am the only person unable to discern the difference, but it made him happy.

Napping yesterday after a strenuous shopping outing to C0$tco. She slept for an hour then I heard her whimper. I found her still laying down and she did not reach out for me. I asked if she wanted to be held and I did not get a response, she just laid there. Then I caressed her tummy and in less than three minutes she was asleep. She napped for another hour. This is the first time that she has done this. It seems that she likes her crib and feels safe that we are not going to leave her. Baby steps, baby steps. I know that it seems that I am fixated on taking pictures of her in the crib, but after waiting five months (plus the two years we have had the crib set up in three different houses) it just feels good to see her in it.

Another area where Baby S is eager to help is in buckling herself in her carseat. This means that now it takes me twice as long to get her secured because of her "help." And G-d forbid that I dare buckle her up before turning on her musical mirror because everyone within a five mile radius is going to hear her protest such a transgression.

Last night P and Baby S were on the bed and I was on the floor working on our Christmas project (because this family is all about procrastinating), when I heard a loud thump. Just as I'm asking P if she fell off the bed (and dreading an ER trip and subsequent SW visit), I see Baby S running towards me applauding and with a huge smile on her face. Yeah, giggly with delight at her stunt. Our bed was the last safe place for Baby S. Ever since we came home she has been perfectly content just being on the bed and while she eventually got the courage to get up and walk on it, she has never attempted to get off the bed. That is, until last night. Our bed is 30" from the floor (I just measured) and that seemed like an overwhelming height to our daughter. Why, oh why did she have to dare get off and then land on her feet therefore making it all the more appealing? We are in so much trouble.

P and I just talked and he informed me that it is 27 degrees. What the heck is with that? This is California, I demand sunshine! Anyway, this concerns us because we are eagerly awaiting J's visit next week and we are hoping the only route here is not snowed in. J called Tuesday to confirm that he is coming to visit and he is looking forward to his first Christmas with his baby sister. We have only waited 12 years to have J and his baby sister together, so you can imagine how anxious we are feeling. Send positive thoughts our way for mild Christmas weather.

OK, off to address Christmas cards I go.

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