Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mr. Potato Head: 1 Baby S: 0

The shiner.

The culprit.

This one was taken this morning at 5:00 a.m. Had to post it to cleanse the palate and to suck up to my mother after damaging her precious granddaughter's cover girl face. :)

Good thing that I have been documenting lately how active and daring Baby S can be. This morning I was addressing cards while Baby S was playing in her room. She would occasionally come into our bedroom to check on me but was doing well playing on her own. Oh yeah, this is a recent development and we are very proud of her for venturing a few feet away from us. :) All of a sudden I heard a crash coming from P's side of the bed, that as luck would have it was covered from my view.

Before I could get up, Baby S appeared crying and saying OUUUUUU, OUUUUUUU! I held her, kissed her and once she calmed down I checked her thoroughly and did not see any damage. By now I was curious about the sound because we did not have anything that could have made that noise (our nightstand lamps were intact). Then I saw the culprit, a rather smug Mr. Potato Head.

We purchased two huge Mr. Potato Heads almost two years ago. One was intended as a gift for Baby S's bud in waiting, my Seti Seth Seth. P decided to get one for Baby S so they could eventually play together. Mr. Tater has remained unwrapped in her room because I do not think she is ready for him. Baby S has been curious about him but only notices him occasionally, pats him on the head, or kicks him around (depending on her mood) then forgets about him. This morning she thought it would be a great idea to bring him into our bedroom and now you see how my daughter ended up going a few rounds with the mustachioed spud.

I did not notice her bruise until I was on the phone with P a few hours later and it looked really bad. When P came home for lunch the first thing he did was look at her face and exclaimed, "Baby, Oh my G-d is bad. Tomorrow is my work Christmas party!" You got it, his first thought was about the inability to parade his daughter around his coworkers sans the evidence of her brawl. Never mind that our precious daughter got an ouchie, never mind that I was almost in tears over my inability to protect our daughter and never mind that the SW visit is SO going to happen now. No, what really matters is that the party is tomorrow. Heh

P then tells me, "Baby, I have never had a black eye in my life. My kid's a bruiser." Said with a huge grin. We are now taking bets on how soon Baby S is going to grace the gurney at the ER. Although we have three Nemo ice packs, Baby S won't allow us to ice it, but we hope that it looks better by tomorrow.

Just another day in paradise.

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