Saturday, December 06, 2008

Picture Update

It was bad, really, really bad. I have no idea what made us think that a child that has been home for only four months and only held by her mother, father and brother was ready to sit on some dude’s lap. Or stand next to him or on the floor by him. We bought her outfit years ago, we were thrilled when it fit, and everyone thought it was the cutest thing ever. It just was not meant to be. We had even discussed that if she cried we might go for it anyway. But she did not just cry, she was terrified, hanging on to P for dear life and crying hysterically. There is no way we were going to force her on his lap. The darn picture is just not that important to us.

The staff and Santa were great and tried to get Baby S to look at him while held by P and then they would cut P out of the picture. However, Baby S would not allow an inch between her and her BaBa. We stayed for a while, watching other kids and telling Baby S that Santa is safe and that all those kids were happy to see him and smiling. Yeah, when you try to reason with a 20-month old you have already lost. We tried a second time and she began to cry the second we walked towards him.

There goes our Christmas card picture and no idea what to do now. Unless P or I become professional photographers I do not think that Baby S will have her picture taken professionally any time soon. We are hopeful that with her therapy fund, she will be able to sit for her High School senior portraits.

Michelle, it is completely normal to be curious. I asked my mother to comment in Spanish for Baby S to read when she grows up. Talk about an incentive to learn the language. I (and I’m sure my mother) have no problem translating:

“Today you will take your first picture with Santa Claus and you will sit on his lap. I know that your Mama and BaBa will be by your side to offer you support and you will be able to smile. I know that it is not easy for a baby that has only been with her father and mother to sit on the lap of a stranger, Santa Claus. We wish you luck.”

Now, this is what she really meant:

Listen you two, if you traumatize my granddaughter… wait, no, if you even upset her you will pay. I will disregard my doctor’s orders, hop on a plane and open a can of whoop a$$ on you. Understand?

Starting tomorrow, we will be posting from an undisclosed location as P and I have joined the Witness Protection Program.

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ruthieaya said...

To baby S:
Te felicito baby S ganastes y eso es lo importante. Por lo general los bebes de tu edad lloran cuando ven a Santa Claus pues se impresio-
nan al ver esa figura grande y gorda vestido de rojo. Ya llegara la oportunidad de tomar fotos con
Santa cuando tengas par de años mas.Mami y baba lo han entendido muy bien y sabemos que ellos te aman mucho y por ahora no lo van a intentar pues no quieren hacerte sufrir.
Love Huggs and many kisses
Grandma R