Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey, JJ is home!

Downtown tonight looking at Christmas lights. P and I have hardly held Baby S since the apple of her eye arrived.

Baby S, JJ and Mama. Notice Baby S's and JJ's eyes, almond shaped and oh so dark.

Baby S, JJ and Baba

Grandpa, I love Jack's.

J arrived around 3:00 p.m. and it took Baby S all of five minutes to pick up where they left off. He had only been home for 30 minutes when he realized that he had left something in his car. When he closed the front door behind him, Baby S yelled "JJ"! and began to cry. Poor baby, missing her brother so soon. She was back to her happy self when he returned.

J accompanied us to pick up Baby S's Christmas portraits. I was obviously drunk with the success of the Santa picture and took Baby S two days later to have portraits done. Then being true to my flaky self, did not pick them up last week. Oh well... 8x10s of the cutest pose will be mailed to the grandparents shortly.

We walked around the Mall for a while and OMG the line to see Santa was ridiculously long. No way would I stand in line for that long. The staff were also moving the kids through rather quickly. Glad to be done with that.

We went to Jack's for dinner but had to wait an hour for a table. We walked to see Christmas lights and increase our appetites. Baby S was very taken with the lights and very comfortable being carted around by her big brother. We really should have used the stroller. Man, we are REALLY bad parents. :)

J is now showing us the wonders of the Wii on HD. Baby S is fascinated by the darn thing and unable to keep herself out of time out by touching the controls. She has now taken over his lap and is very smug, knowing that it is way past her bedtime. We just don't have the heart to cut her time with J (or like she has renamed him, JJ) short. JJ picked Baby S's nickname so it is only fair that she returned the favor.

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ruthieaya said...

From Grandma R:
To JJ and Baby S:
Both of you put in my self a big Touch of happyness.I love the pictures of my grandchildrens.I understand Baby S is very excited
with her brother visit.Has a happy
Chistmas day and enjoy this beautyful day.Has a lot of fun with your parents.
Love and huggs
Grandma R