Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aquatic Center

We finally brought SS for her first visit to the aquatic center. They have Family Splash Time between 7-8:30 p.m. What better way to get your child tired and ready for bed. We had not been there before, and were a bit surprised by the depth of the water by the play structure. SS slipped twice (she was walking too fast), and ended completely under water. Good thing that she thinks almost drowning is a riot. SS was also initially intimidated by the water pressure. P and I walked on the structure with her to get her acclimated.

The slides were a lot of fun, but one of us needed to be at the bottom, because SS ended almost submerged, due to her momentum. Still, she did a great job, for being her first time in this type of setting. After warming her up with play, we moved to the pool side for a swimming lesson with Baba. We initially worried the lifeguards, because I was dropping SS into the pool (no PFD) from the side. I am 5'6" and probably dropped SS off close to four feet over the water. As usual, P allowed her to remain under a few seconds. SS had a blast, and let everyone know with her squeals of delight. She is such a funky character, so small, so inexperienced, and yet so daring.

The pictures are crappy, but at least you can see the play structure. We really have to get that camera waterproof bag, because I see a lot of water fun times ahead for SS.

Checking out her dream come true, a playground flooded with water.

How cool is this?

Twenty-six minutes after arriving home (P timed her). SS still falls asleep in our arms or cuddled close to us in bed. We want her to feel secure, it's good for attachment, we really enjoy it, and we know soon SS will be falling asleep on her own. They grow so fast, so why rush things.

Although the water pressure initially spooked SS, she eventually went down the slides several times. I carried her through the pouring water, and P waited for her at the bottom of the slide.


Michelle said...

How fun is that? Is it free? The only thing we have like that around here is a water park where you have to pay(quite a bit) to get in. I'm kind of surprised at the depth too. I would think knee deep would have been more appropriate.

2china4S said...

Children under 3 are free. A season pass (Memorial Day through Labor Day) is $30 per adult. No need for us to purchase a family pass yet. The only thing that bums us out is that they close when the kids go back to school. The temperatures here reach the 80s until October.