Wednesday, June 03, 2009


This humbling moment brought to you by the letter S:

While visiting the fishes, I had another dumb moment and SS let me know. She was looking at the fish, and repeating the word fish. Nothing new there. SS said Baba, and I responded that Baba's at work. Again, typical banter for us. I was not looking at her, because I was looking for something in the diaper bag. SS urgently repeated Baba, while pointing at the tank. I thought that was weird, because SS has the concept of fish down.

SS then looked at me with utter frustration, but with an intensity that I have only seen a few times before. I know that look. That look means, "Dear G0d woman, how dense are you? Seriously, how were you ever approved to parent a child?" Then something I have said to SS about a hundred times came to mind. Light bulb moment. I said, "SS, is that Baba's favorite fish? Is the sturgeon Baba's fish?" My darling daughter has sarcasm down, because she remained quiet for a few seconds, then began to enthusiastically applaud and yell "YEAH!" As in, finally, my mother got it, whoohoo. Funny how kids listen to you repeat things ad naseum, not letting on that they get it, then spring it on you unexpectedly. SS recognizes a sturgeon, while all other fish look alike.

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