Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bossy and loud, that's our girl.

SS woke up this morning and JJ was the first thing out her mouth. I brought her downstairs and she went wild upon seeing her brother. P was sitting next to JJ and she did not bother to acknowledge him. This is a first, because greets P as though she has not seen him in weeks.

The weather has been uncharacteristically cool, and we are not happy. We had to wait until 2:00 p.m. to get in the water, and it was only 70 degrees and overcast. We had SS wear her wet suit and use her neoprene PFD, to keep her from shivering.

SS is still upset over the JJ does not get to pick her up edict, and she was over the top whiny today. I am hoping than on a scale of one to ten, she resents me a nine today (ten yesterday). At least that would signal progress. I know that years from now SS won't remember, and she will be a happy, secure child with healthy boundaries. But the road to that outcome is a tough one.

As we were floating around, both P and I noticed a father and his Chinese daughter enter the lagoon. It's funny how we can spot a Chinese child so quickly. Later, the mother joined them and they looked at us and smiled. SS was throwing a fit, because P went in the water and she was stuck with me. I am sure they wanted to keep their distance from the screaming banshee, and I do not blame them. Their daughter was calmly sitting on her mother's lap. P looked at me and said, "G0d, SS is REALLY loud!" Yeah, tell me something I do not know.

Later in the afternoon, we were in the lagoon at the same time, and the mother stated that her daughter wanted to swim with SS. We talked for a few minutes and SS and J@zmin got to fill their "wow, someone who looks like me" tank. It was such a relaxed encounter, knowing they would not interrogate us about how we became a family. No anxiety about what ignorant comment would come out of their mouths. We were again struck by how quiet J@zmin is at 3, and how LOUD SS is at only two.

SS also managed to occupy her time by attempting to boss all of us around. She cries when we leave her side, but those tears quickly dry and she just yells and scowls. Maybe that is a Terrible Twos thing, but it is annoying and unacceptable. When the lifeguards yell (weird, they do not use whistles)at someone, SS just gets in on the scolding. She's got the lifeguards back, and I'm sure she'll gladly kick some a$$ for them. We are reminding JJ not to let SS run all over him, because it is going to cause problems later.

After dinner, we went to B@sking R0bbins for dessert. SS tried my Cherries Jubilee cone, but quickly lost interest when she saw her World's Greatest Chocolate scoop. When JJ was almost done with his cone, SS simply reached out her hand for it to be handed over. She finished it, finished P's and mine. This was also SS's first time on a big person chair and she did an excellent job. She remained seated, and did not take years off our lives by attempting to get down.

I am really glad that P was able to take the day off (after working his tail off Sunday), and we had the opportunity to spend time together. P and I were able to get on the adult slides, thanks to JJ. P rode the Raging River four times, twice with JJ. We all had a blast.


I was trying to get SS standing in front of JJ, but as usual, she would not be still.

Waiting for Baba and JJ to emerge from the slide.

Wipe Out

She is pouting because JJ was outside the lagoon.

Every.single.time. JJ left her side.

Cherries Jubilee

Finishing Mama's cone.

Hamming it up before bedtime. She looks so funny with those H@rry P0tter sunglasses.

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Michelle said...

That looks like such a fun waterpark. I would love to go there sometime!

Looks like you are having a great time as a family.
Happy Family Day a day late! (Sorry)