Monday, June 08, 2009

Water and JJ, SS could not ask for anything more.

We all went to bed early this morning. JJ, SS and I could sleep in, but P was up by 5:00 a.m. He wanted to make sure his batches were done, as he had no intention of giving up his Tuesday. SS was really tired, and did not even stir when JJ and I got a laugh attack downstairs and were rather loud. I guess six hours in a carseat will do that to a girl. Upon awakening, she said "JJ." It really warms our heart that they have such a strong bond. Other than us, JJ has been the only other constant the past eleven months. SS somehow knows that we are a package deal.

Downstairs, the "please pick me up, ignore what Mama says dance began." I really hate being the bad guy, yet I do it so well. The thing with SS is that when it comes to her brother, she has a sense of entitlement. If JJ does not pick her up, she will climb on him like he is her personal jungle gym. I have never been the recipient of so many dirty looks in my life. SS was scowling like crazy, letting me know how she felt. Thankfully, JJ is unbelievably good at distracting his sister. SS is also enjoying giving high fives, enjoying the novelty. They played for a while, and when it was time for JJ to shower, SS had a meltdown. Our girl then got all indignant and angrily shouted at him. Her nonexistent attention span is a blessing, because SS moved on to mess around with JJ's hat, and went through his duffle bag.

When P arrived home for lunch, SS greeted him by pointing at her brother and declaring "JJ." She had a huge smile on her face, and was beaming. Once this is over, JJ plans to take SS with him, just so she can tell people what a big deal he is. Our daughter, the warming up act.

Our afternoon was about water and being lazy, quite a constant around here. P joined us after work and we just floated around, talking, sharing and making sure not to upset Ms. Crabby Pants. BTW, it's official, SS is not as daring in water when P is not by her side. We had to leave the pool, because SS had a death grip on me, and would not even consider swimming next to me. Everyone knows I suck at swimming, but how does a two-year old figure out that I am not as reliable as her father?

SS once more demonstrated her lack of awareness about her size. She actually got in a tug of war with JJ. She grabbed an inner tube he was dragging around for me, and pulled on it. JJ gently pulled back, SS said "MINE," and pulled back. She would not give up and gave it all she had. Not looking forward to adolescense.

JJ has asked a lot of insightful questions regarding attachment. We now realize that for all the reading we did prior to meeting SS, we failed miserably at educating JJ. You live, you learn, and now he is getting a crash course. We are glad that he is interested and wants to help. Like P has said many times, "those two really love each other." As parents, that is one neat feeling.

JJ, this is what you get for taking a shower. I am stealing you skull hat, it looks better on me.

Eight months after Halloween, and SS is still fascinated by skulls.

Drawing to amuse his sister.

Look Mama, a drawing just for me. Mama, we need to get a D0ra M@gna D00dle for JJ.

Hanging out with Baba.

Bye for now...

T@rget St0mp
*Taken with JJ's phone*

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