Thursday, June 04, 2009

Guess what SS had for dinner?

What could it be?

I know, way too easy. SS was in nu-nu heaven again. While she is using both hands for most tasks, she only holds her silverware with her left hand. I hope she remains a leftie, I have a thing for lefties.

SS has been using more words consistently and pairing 2-3 words. This is more than we expected, since she came to us at 15 months and is grappling with two languages. To further confuse poor SS, we are using more Spanish around her. I got lazy for a while there and need to rectify that lag. When P is home, whatever he says in English, I repeat in Spanish. I sometimes wonder why I subject her, and us to this.

So far SS has said:
- Help please, agua.
- Help me.
- All done.
- All gone.
- Poo poo in potty.
- Pee pee in potty.
- Mama, shoes go.
* We'll add more as we remember*

She has been saying "stop it," when she does not want more food. Last night, she said it when P was taking her picture. We thought she was playing, just being silly. This evening, SS proved she means business. P had taken about a dozen pictures, when SS said "stop it," and did this:

She is not waving there. SS is deliberately placing her hand in front of the lens. It looks like our days of taking a minimum of 100 pictures of SS daily (to get one good shot) are coming to an end.

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