Friday, June 19, 2009

Movie in the park.

On Fridays, the aquatic center has Rock and Swim from 4:30-7:00 p.m. I provided the info to P, yet forgot all about it. When he came home, SS and I were not ready, and he had to remind me. We were also hoping to take SS to her first real movie experience (no way will we try a movie theater with her now) at the movie in the park series. The past two Fridays, we have had thunderstorms and it was canceled. The movie was just right next to the aquatic center. When we arrived, P took our chairs and staked out a front row spot for us. Then off we went to give our precious SS her water fix.

I need to eat crow and admit that P was right about the no floaties, no water wings edict. Intellectually, I knew that his concern about a false sense of security was spot on right. But my mommy side felt bad about my baby girl, once again, being different. At the water park SS must have a PFD on in the l@zy l@goon and the pool, no way of getting around that rule. These past few days, I've been getting a good dose of the consequences of wearing a PFD. SS just throws herself out there, like she knows how to swim. When P is underwater, she tries to go after him. There's two of us watching her, and I still worry. The positive side is that SS is very comfortable in water, and "swims" between us without a problem.

In the shallow side, it is still deep enough for SS to glide between us. We do not have to do anything, SS just throws herself, kicks her legs, and blows bubbles (to keep water out of mouth and nose). I bought her her first pair of goggles, but SS is not a fan. She really needs it, because her eyes do burn after she is in the water for a while. I do see the goggles becoming an issue, one of those, no goggles no swimming things. Right now it is not a battle I am picking, way too much on our plates.

After nice warm showers, we headed over to the park. We really thought that SS would fall asleep before sundown, but she held up really well.

They had beach balls around for the kids. A boy (about 8) approached us, and asked if it was OK for SS to play with his ball. That was so sweet of him and SS enjoy kicking the ball around.

Attempting to get some nourishment in SS.

SS's first encounter with a St. Bernard. They brought three for the kids to enjoy. This is Freckles, the youngest, he is only one-year old.

A chip for lefty and a chip for righty. Love how kids must have one in each hand.

Chasing Mama.

SS had a sub for dinner (the parts she liked). SS is perfectly capable of feeding herself, but our reality is to make SS accept food on our terms. We, and only we feed her.

I chose the pajamas she is wearing, because I thought Aunt Court's gift complimented the movie theme. I was worried that SS would be too hot, but those PJs were perfect. It was cloudy, with a chance of thunderstorms (again), and windy (duh, we were by the river). Not only was SS rocking the dog theme, but she was warm. I think those are the best PJs SS owns. Don't know why, but I really like them.

SS had brownies for dessert. Come on Baba, I can take a piece way bigger than that.

SS's first movie in the park.

First Glow Sticks, SS dug them.

At last... our love has passed out (10:34 p.m.).

Out, comfortable and protected from insects and the nasty wind. At the risk of making people nauseous, we want to reiterate how much we love this stroller. If we could, we would have children with this stroller. Abu, thank you so much for this gift, you have no idea how much use we get out of it. SS's stroller is now officially known as The Hummer. We are all spoiled. SS has more room than she needs, and we have a lot of storage space. When we go to the water park, we can place all our stuff (towels, sandals, diaper bag, extra clothing) in the back. Heck, we did it when JJ was here, so that was enough crap for four people. Sadly, we can't take it into the aquatic center and that is when we realized how spoiled we were. We did the first day, but it is too wide to get through the normal entrance. A staff person had to open a side gate for us to enter and exit. If it was a wheelchair, we would gladly ask, but it is not fair to make them go out of their way because we have a humongous stroller. Now we have two strollers in the van, The Hummer, and the crappy, tiny, difficult to steer Sn00py stroller. If you are expecting a child and someone offers to buy you a big ticket item (and you can trust them to follow through, unlike our experience), go for the Kidar00z.

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