Friday, June 05, 2009

Creepy Guy

While our walk yesterday evening went really well, there was an incident that has remained on P's mind. When we arrived under the bridge, we saw four female teenagers goofing around, taking pictures of each other. I made a conscious effort not to look at them for long, because they were Asian, and OMG, they were beautiful. Mindful of how I feel about attention, I did not want to make them uncomfortable. I must admit that it made me think about what SS might look like in the future. Then again, I have decided that she is never growing up. Way off topic again...

We noticed that the girls were attempting to take a group picture, without success. P walked over to them, offered to take their picture, and they politely declined. When P sat next to me, I jokingly said, "Baby, they are teens, some creepy guy walks over and offers to take their picture. What did you expect them to say? In this day and age that is what we teach our kids. We teach them not to talk to older guys. You have reached the older guy, sir stage." If P is an older guy, I am a senior citizen. I really should think before I speak, because all P heard was "creepy guy," and he took it to heart. By now, the guy should know I was kidding. But P could just not let it go. He kept asking me if he gave a "creepy guy" vibe. P went on to point out that many people offer to help others with group pictures. True, when we were there with Grandpa, a woman walked over to us and did the same.

As we were getting ready to place the stroller in the van, the teens were walking by us, and P just had to say (mainly to himself), "Look at me, I am with MY wife and MY daughter, AND I drive a mini van for G0d's sake. I am NOT a creepy guy." I was very tempted to correct him and point out that I drive the mini van, he drives a sedan. I know, I really need to grow up. But I detected a hint of dejection, and made sure to reassure P that I was kidding, and that the girls were most likely shy.

P has mentioned "creepy guy" several times today. That incident really made an impression on the poor guy. Here is my desperate attempt at making it better:


Now, tell me honestly, does he look like a creepy guy?

Yes, P blatantly used SS to increase his "not a creepy guy" vibe.


Michelle said...

P, you are NOT a creepy looking guy. At. All. Sometime us women folk don't think things out in our heads before we speak :)

I bought Joe one of those "Old Guys Rule" t-shirts because I thought it was funny. He did not see the humor in it and I had to return it!

2china4S said...

OMG Michelle, that's too funny! Probably something I would do without thinking. Thanks for the heads up.

Poor Joe, he is nowhere near old guy status. :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

This cracked me up because it reminded me of a story about my husband as a Target Stalker when we were still waiting to adopt from China the first time. He didn't know he was a Creepy Guy either until he came home, shared the story with me and I informed him of his Creepy Guy status. Heh. I feel a post coming on...