Sunday, June 14, 2009

Super Stamina S.

We took an impromptu trip to the water park. We were busy cleaning the house, and initially P did not think that it was hot enough. He then realized that he wanted to watch a movie, and thought tiring SS would make things easier. Give the guy credit, he could have thought about Dr. Ben A. Dryl (kidding, we'd never do that).

Although she's only been at the park six times, SS gets really excited as soon as we enter the parking lot. She has this nervous laughter that is a hoot. It usually comes out when she is excited about getting something or seeing someone special (JJ). Today she added "Yippee!" to her repertoire. P and I looked at each other and asked, "Did you teach her that?" Nope, we have no idea where she got it from.

SS decided that she's done with being held in the L@zy L@goon. P did not protest, and just made sure to keep an eye on her. We thought she would tire quickly, but Stubborn S was determined to do it her way. She spent ninety minutes floating and threading water. That is quite a big deal, when your short legs can't reach the bottom, and your PFD is meant to keep you floating on your back. SS had to keep herself upright and orient her little body. She had a blast and got a lot of attention. Kids older than SS were happily sitting on inner tubes, held by their parents or sitting on their parent's laps. Our spectacular swimmer was laughing and having a grand ole time. She would occasionally hang on to our fingers or our hands; but this only happened when kids would splash around her or get too close for her comfort. SS is also saying something that sounds like "back off." Not sure if it is, but she is using it appropriately.

SS also unveiled her new move, twirling around. She looks so darn cute doing 360s in the water. SS sat on our laps for thirty minutes and we had to get out of the water, because her exhaustion was getting the best of her. She was falling asleep and we could not allow her to nap so late in the day. We got out, dried her, wrapped her in a cozy towel, and fed her sugar.

Way too many pictures for a day of doing nothing, but the Abus need their SS fix. Next week, we are taking SS to the aquatic center, where she will be able to be in the pig pool without a PFD. P is determined to have SS swimming by the end of summer.

Ninety minutes floating and threading water, and she looks great. Tired, but great. Notice the towel, another hypocritical parenting moment. SS needed a towel just for water park time and I decided that The L*ttle M*rmaid would be OK. I did read the story a few days ago, and Ar*el did save the dude's life. That is something our SS would do.

Munching on the world's smallest funnel cake, but the same price as it full size counterparts. A very tired SS needed a sugar rush to keep from falling asleep. Check out P's newly shaved head. I like it, makes him look thuggish.

Corn, everywhere corn. When P removed the tray, he was stunned at the amount of corn on the seat. P asked me how SS managed that. Easy, it's simply her job.

Picture perfect.

Out before 8:00 p.m., those season passes were money well spent. As much as we adore SS, it was nice to be able to watch a movie (88 M*nutes), without her vying for attention. Check out P's smile, he can't believe we are about to finally watch the darn movie.

We are so beyond ready to have SS give up finger sucking. But, she came to us with that habit, and we are sure now it's not the right time to take away the security it brings her. Look at the contrast between SS's and P's skin.

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