Monday, June 29, 2009

Submerged SS.

This morning, we met with an Early Intervention specialist and an occupational therapist. While P was really worried about SS's language skills, I was confident that for a child with her circumstances, she is doing fine. Children raised with more than one language do speak later. I also realize that SS has hit a plateau with her language acquisition and has regressed some. Completely understandable after her March meltdown. My concern (and P's) was related to her inability to jump, overall clumsiness, and her very awkward running (using that term loosely). We waited this long to request an EI evaluation because due to SS's history, an evaluation before now would have been a waste of time.

Here's the big surprise, SS does not qualify for their services. She would have to have delays in two areas of development. They were not concerned about her language at all, and were pleased that we began using ASL from the moment we met. The OT recommended that we request a referral to a pediatric physical therapist. After observing SS running, climbing and falling, it is her opinion that SS's legs are not strong enough, and just give under her. If she only saw SS a year ago. We are so proud of how SS's strength has increased, and will get on that referral tomorrow. It also looks like SS will be heading to gymnastics on a trial basis. She is still too little for martial arts.

They brought a few toys that SS had not seen before, yet was able to figure out, and handle with dexterity. It should not come as a surprise that we think our daughter is G0d's gift to humanity, and walks on water. Still, she blew us away by doing things we did not know she could do. SS was able to master a wooden puzzle in record time. P and I just looked at each other in a what the heck is she doing moment. Oh yeah, she made us look like absolute idiots. I am surprised they did not refer us to the regional center.

We are still going to have SS evaluated at the International Adoption Clinic. Why? Because we think that professionals who work with Internationally adopted children will be able to recognize issues that the EI folks are not educated about. We are not diagnosing SS, we just want to make sure to provide the best care for her.

On a funny note, both the specialist and the OT stated that SS is tall. Dude, P and I seriously questioned their judgment after that statement. Think about it, EI deals with children three and under. They should have a lot of experience with that crowd. Not sure we can fully trust them.

Finally got that dry bag, and put it to use. Boring video of SS in water, again. But the Abus and JJ really miss her and enjoy watching her.

SS's first stop was the slide. She can control her momentum and no longer ends up underwater.

SS did not spend much time playing, she requested to move to the "deep" side of the pool. This is a very short clip of SS underwater. As much as I brag about my film with one hand, catch the kid with the other technique, this does not apply when my child is in water. Still, you can get a quick glimpse of the most beautiful mermaid evah. I'm sure my one handed technique will improve as SS's swimming progresses.

Next, SS practiced jumping in the pool. She still needs to hold our hands, but we are sure that by the end of summer, SS will be doing cannonballs.

This was a first, and completely initiated by SS. P took advantage of her impulse to kick to hopefully add some strength to those legs.

Back to the play structure, where SS made a few baby steps. For the last two weeks, she has remained very close to us. SS also whines , when to her horror, water hits her face. Yes, the same child who loves to be underwater. Here she is showing some independence.

Another baby step, her first time climbing up the steps and making it to the slide on her own.

Last week SS would not even attempt to get close to the water, as the pressure was too much for her. Here's our brave little girl under the water. Love those baby steps. BTW, I don't think I hung around playgrounds when I was a child, now a get a daily dose. Weird.

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