Wednesday, June 10, 2009

JJ, Legos and geese.

We had Chinese for lunch and had an interesting incident. As I was settling the check, the waitress pointed at SS and said something I was unable to understand. JJ then talked to the waitress, and that is when I realized that she remembered SS from our visit in March. JJ, Abu and Grandpa were with us, and the waitress even remembered where we sat. I have no recollection of her, but she sure remembered our daughter. She further surprised me by getting SS's name right, except for one letter. That is pretty good for someone who is struggling with English as a second language (she is Chinese), and our daughter's nickname is not one that people hear often. We have never heard of anyone with SS's nickname. We are grateful that JJ came up with her nickname, because it is as unique as his sister.

This afternoon, we headed to the Leg0 exhibit. JJ was a Leg0 freak when he was a child. I lost count of how many times I stepped on one of those plastic, pain inducing pieces. This was SS and mine second visit, and SS did the same as during her first visit. She became withdrawn and clingy. I wonder what is it about that room, or maybe it was the size of some of the art.

We wondered around the park a bit, SS used the slide that is clearly not appropriate for her size, we visited the turtles on the yucky pond, and allowed SS to get her geese fix. This evening we are driving JJ home and we are bummed. We are hoping that SS is asleep when we get there, because she melts down when JJ leaves her side. We really wish he would move with us or at least move to our city. We all miss him.

SS's favorite, skulls.

It took me a while to see the eye. I was not able to distinguish it, until JJ showed me a picture.

Self portrait of the artist.

JJ liked her tag showing like that. It was not intentional, but since it amused him I let it go.

SS just wants to be like her brother. Thugs :) Upon seeing this picture P commented, "They both look Asian, but her eyes are rounder than his."

Because we are all about following rules, especially safety rules. We never noticed this sign before and had sent SS down the slide alone many times. I love her expression, is like she's thinking, "the things these two make me do."

I'm still amazed at the strong bond they have. At the risk of ruining my heartless reputation, it is truly beautiful. SShhhh, don't tell them I said that.

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