Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Evening walk with Baba.

SS almost fell asleep after dinner, making us panic (video below). It was only six thirty and that means a thirty minute power nap, and up until 1:00 a.m. In a desperate attempt to get her attention, I asked if she wanted to see ducks. Bingo! SS was wide awake and ready for a walk.

We have lived here almost two years, but had never visited this area in the evening. We walked for ninety minutes, and spent one hour letting SS burn some energy. During our walk, SS was treated to a chorus of frogs, and some funky noises from the turtles. I have never heard the turtles during our morning walks. It must be a nocturnal thing. SS was thrilled that Baba was walking with us, and showed off her impressive sense of direction. She knew when our loop is almost over, and announced "duck, duck." From there we go on the opposite direction, and SS began to get excited before we reached "where the water gets loud," aka our turn around point.

SS had a blast running around and making it very difficult for P to get a decent picture. It began to rain as we were leaving, giving us an opportunity to try out the plastic cover on the stroller. It worked perfectly, and SS was dry upon reaching the van. She would have fallen asleep during the drive home, but I neglected to bring Dog and Sn00py blanket. SS played and danced with Zebra. She could have been crying instead. :)

Pictures by P (except last one).

Remember, we never claimed to be good parents. It should not come as a shock that we did not let her sleep in peace.


Anonymous said...

S looks so happy on her outing. I love the picture of her under the bridge, what a cutie!

2china4S said...

Thanks Anon :)