Thursday, November 05, 2009

Settling SS.

SS's emotional well being has been a major concern during this ordeal. On Friday night, P called me from I-5, on their way from the airport, with a hysterical SS in his arms. They stopped for a diaper change, and when P tried to place SS in her carseat all hell broke loose. P said that SS has never gripped him so tight. It broke my heart to hear her frantic screams, and me unable to help. My voice would not soothe her, she was too far gone. After four days of this hellish grind, P was physically and mentally exhausted, and wanted me to make it better.

I told P to have Abu sit in front, then spend whatever amount of time he needed calming SS down. No contact with Abu until SS initiated it. That is why they did not make it home until midnight. SS was well aware that something was wrong. She visited Mama at a funky building where Mama had her own bed. But why, Mama has a bed at home. I have to say goodbye at night and Mama does not come home with me. As much as she adores her Abu, her grandmother's presence verified what her astute mind had deduced.

We wondered how long SS would be in pin and needles, but she is doing better than we expected. Still, when Abu comes downstairs, SS runs to me and wants to be held. I reassure her that Mama is going to be home for a long time (do have to return for that pesky reversal), and that Abu is here to help Mama take care of SS. But Mama is and will always be SS's Mama.

SS asked this afternoon to watch TV (P and Abu indulged her given the circumstances). I told her that Mama was home and that there will be no more TV. SS was sitting between my legs at the time, and I was afraid she'd drop kick me where it hurts. She laid back, smiled at me and caressed my face. No gargantuan tantrum. I am so glad she did not hurt me. :)

SS fell asleep at 8:50 p.m., did not even make it to story time. After bath, she was sitting on P's lap, and holding my hand. She was out cold in no time.

We received a call from Nana this evening, informing us that P's sister, Court is having gallbladder surgery. She has a two-year old and is breastfeeding her two-month old. Not a good month for mommies around here. Court, we are keeping you in our thoughts and wish you a speedy recovery. Who knew that Bel and SS would have such a similar experience at around the same age. I know we could have done without the learning experience.

Who cares what date's on the calendar? I'm wearing a Halloween outfit, and my orange plate is on a Halloween placemat (from the grandmothers). I'm calling it Halloween.

This year SS ended up with 4 H buckets, to make sure they last until next year.

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