Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It was a bad, no, make that a horrible day.

I have been having difficulty meeting the minimum 3,000 calories a day required for proper wound healing. I know, freaking shocking coming from me. The problem is that not only is food pretty tasteless now, but the stomachaches are awful. So now I'm dealing with a whole new set of gastro problems, and not handling it well. Yesterday I was in serious pain throughout the day. Some of it reminded me of the pain I had the day we ended up in the ER, and that did a heck of a mind job on me.

The worse part was knowing that I was not being a good Mama to SS. I really could not play with her, and my patience was not there. When SS wanted to play the same game for the 97th time, it was difficult to indulge her. It was very stressful for SS to see me like that.

P took me to bed around seven and I managed to sleep for a while. The rest of the night I had chills and more of that good old pain. While I was freezing, I did not have a fever. That's the magic that is me. P found me at 11:oo p.m. on the toilet, bend over in pain, crying. Why was I there? Not a freaking clue other than force of habit since, well, no way was anything going to happen. P suggested going to the ER and I lost it. Are you kidding me? Look what happened the last time I was there?

I feel like someone took a bat to my tummy for a few hours. And hungry, I am really hungry, but afraid to upset the bowel G0ds. The funny thing is that I have not lost an ounce. I do not recommend a colon resection as a weight loss option. Hee. Seriously, I can't wait for Friday, when SS will have P to herself for the weekend. She really deserves more than what I am able to give now. At least JJ will be here next Monday and Tuesday, so SS will have some active time.


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry that things are still so sucky. I wish I could take that pain away from you. You have been in my prayers every night that things start to improve soon.

Brenda said...

Oh K - I am really worried about you. You're brave and an awesome roll model for SS. But I REALLY want you to call your surgeon and tell him how you're feeling. Promise me!!