Thursday, November 12, 2009

Staple removal for Mama, and flu nasal spray for SS.

Nurse V (HC) removed my staples today. We then had a talk about my current food consumption and how I am not meeting my body's needs for the incision to heal properly. I did not get this big by not eating. If I am hesitant about eating certain foods it's due to how I feel. I do eat solids, lots of solids. Nurse V explained in graphic detail what Dr. G did with my internal organs. All I could think of was fixing a hole in an old fashioned bike inner tube. The dropping in the water to look for more perforations, and stretching the parts to look for abnormalities. No wonder Norco is my current BFF. We also understand the need to wait four months for the reversal.

Nurse V was disappointed to discover the beginning of a yeast infection in my open incision. Dr. G missed it, because he did not remove the dressing during my appointment yesterday. He did not have wound vac dressing and decided to leave it alone (I would have been fine with a wet dressing overnight). Nurse V was a little teed off when she called Dr. G's office to ask why he skipped such a vital step. Hopefully the antifungal med will help me heal. Given the amount of antibiotics they pumped in me at the hospital, and the dry, non breathing dressing, it was just a matter of time before the YI materialized. The incision does itch something awful.

We finally received an appointment for SS's seasonal flu vaccine from Public Health (not available for SS at our doctor's office). Our area is really impacted and it is causing problems. Add the distraction of my surgery to that mess. We opted for the nasal spray and SS did a fabulous job. She was initially hesitant, recoiled from the nurse, but did not scream nor shed a tear. Our Super Trooper made us proud again. We rewarded her with a Very Berry Smoothie and a hot dog.

Abu is leaving early tomorrow morning. SS and I are going to pass on the almost three hour drive to the airport. Poor P is stuck with the driving again, and his ten hour work day. I am hoping that he goes to bed early tomorrow and sleeps as late as possible on Saturday.

P: Are you sure you don't want to hold her? Come on, quit milking your minor surgery and take one for the team.
SS: I have no idea what is going on, but I know I'm not going to like it.

Hey, wait lady, what do you think you are doing? Baba, don't let her suck my brain through my nose!

Oh, that wasn't bad at all. Much better than what I saw the nurse do to Mama this morning.

Late afternoon nap. Guess who's going to be up with SS all night.

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