Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mama Weed and Baby Weed made it through their first solo day.

SS and I made it through our first post op solo day (yesterday) without any major incidents. Due to P's generosity to drive Abu to Sac (I would have booked her in a flight from here to Sac), SS and I were too far away from him for my comfort. But P is a stand up guy who does the right thing. I chose not to take my pain meds, because I wanted to be as clear headed as possible. The downside is that I was in serious pain all day.

P worked through lunch to avoid coming home in the evening. That meant a 12 hour stretch with SS, without a break. SS became frustrated by my inability to pick her up, run after her, dance with her, the little things we do on a daily basis. By 2:00 p.m. SS appeared to be on the verge of a meltdown, demanding that I get up and run with her. I was worried, because there's no way I could hold SS during a tantrum, but there's no way I could allow her to get hurt. Silly us, hoping for help during such an incident. JJ had amazing timing, calling to check in on us. He managed to calm SS down and even got her to smile. I was so relieved, grateful for JJ's ability to prevent an imminent meltdown (P and I have not been so lucky). I would have held her, I could not just watch my kid get hurt.

SS has had a poor appetite the last two weeks. Completely understandable, and we have not forced the issue. Yesterday, she had two bowls of Cheerios with milk (she usually eats them dry), had two hearty bowls of rice and shredded beef for dinner, and topped it off with a bowl of black cherry ice cream (Thrifty's, yum). This morning P made her scrambled eggs and she ate well again. I asked P for French bread and cantaloupe, and instead received a lecture about what I needed to eat. P gave me a lot of options for breakfast. I did not like any of them and insisted on French bread and cantaloupe (weird craving). Much to my surprise P relented and bought what I wanted. SS probably thought that it was too much food for me, so she helped. SS has yet to come across a fruit she does not like. Her tummy was full, but she ate half the plate of fruit.

SS has been napping for three and a half hours now. P is walking around half asleep, he is doing too much, and is still reeling from the past two weeks. We have been hanging out today, enjoying the peace and quiet around us. Weird to say that with a toddler in the house. SS has been extra snugly and we are indulging her. Tomorrow we are going to cook for the week, that way P does not have to work and come home to cook. Sous Chef SS will be assisting (directing) him.

This morning.

Shout out to Elt0n J0hn.

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Brenda said...

P's a keeper. An unselfish man - that's a very good way to be. A man with his priorities straight.. And SS looks adorable in those glasses. You look so much better, K - and really like you are on the mend.