Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surgeon's appointment.

Dr. G authorized the home care nurse to remove the staples. My next appointment with the nurse is tomorrow. Probably one more week with the Wound Vac, then wet dressings (changed twice a day). Dr. G wants me to dump the liquids and resume a full solid diet. That won't be easy.

We were not pleased with SS's behavior at the Dr.'s office. Not OMG behavior, but things that she has never done before in that setting. We do know where it stems from, and it will be over soon. When SS hit P, that was further validation to us that we are better off caring for her alone. SS has only hit me when she is in the middle of one of her rages. I was stunned when she smacked P. She did it again shortly after the above picture was taken.

SS was solely cared for by me until 1:15, when P came home (he went to work at 4:00 a.m. to be here for my appointment). Before SS woke up I gathered her milk sippy, cereal, afternoon clothes, and diapers. She showered with me, and did not cry when I told her I could not pick her up. I held her hands and she climbed in and out of the tub, no stress to my incision.

P placed SS in bed with me before he left for work. She has been sliding from the bed on her own since last year. I taught her to place one foot on the bed frame, hang on to my hand, and climb on the bed on her own (our bed is high). Looks like we might be able to sleep on the bed after all.

Cooking, cleaning and laundry are going to be a challenge, since I can't bend over, but we'll figure it out. SS's well being is our priority and now she is hurting emotionally, and it has nothing to do with my surgery. She is very comfortable with the Wound Vac (WV), and asks to see my incision and C-bag several times a day. We speak to her about what is happening in age appropriate language, and are very matter of fact with our explanations. We are actually looking forward to Friday, Mama Weed's and Baby Weed's first solo day. Best part? No long distance phone drama.

Saying goodbye this morning. JJ is working 7 days next week, we will see him again on November 23.


Brenda said...

Does that mean he's pleased??? If he wants you on full solids, does that mean the usual crap we all eat??

2china4S said...


Dr. G was pleased and I can indeed eat the "usual crap we all eat." I was told to resume a full solid diet upon discharge, but it proved to be difficult. I gravitated toward soups and lots of juice, but now Dr. G wants me to make an effort, because I need the nourishment and energy to heal (I have plenty of both stored in all that fat). But, since I want that incision stitched ASAP, I am going to beat my stomach into compliance. :)