Tuesday, November 10, 2009

JJ to the rescue

Today was a busy one for JJ. It began early, when Abu was upstairs with SS and received a phone call from her infant son, with what else, more drama. Abu is completely unaware of her actions and proceeded to cry, plead, and raise her voice. I went up the stairs faster that I could or should (paid for it big time), and found a frightened SS standing in a corner, just staring at Abu. I took the phone to see what heck warranted upsetting my already fragile child. As expected, total and utter bullsh*t. I asked JJ to give SS a bath and just help her calm down, while I took Abu downstairs and tried to get her as far away from SS as possible. JJ bathed,dressed SS and took her to the basketball court (just across the street), to get her out of the frying pan. Thank goodness he is aware of the world around him and steps up to protect his sister.

In the afternoon we went to W@lly M@rt and received another dose of As The Crazy Turns. While I was roped into deciphering a voice mail message left by someone completely out of touch with reality, JJ and P took SS around the store, insulating her from The Crazy.

P went to work at 4:30 a.m. (was totally wiped out), Abu was having a meltdown, so I decided to cook dinner. JJ came through for me and ended up doing all the cooking. I seasoned the meatballs, but he made them, the spaghetti and garlic bread. Turns out that JJ makes perfect meatballs. When I make them, I end up with 5 different shapes and sizes, like a toddler shaped them. Watching JJ in the kitchen, I could not help but laugh at the irony. Abu claims that her husband and my brother need her more than SS, because they are unable to feed themselves while she is away. That thought has never crossed our minds about JJ, who has been cooking since his early teens.

We had to make the difficult decision to kick SS out of our bed. Last night, in her very active sleep, SS kicked me twice in the gut. The first time, she was sleeping on her back, lifted her leg, and it landed on me. I was asleep and it sucked the air out of me. It hurt like hell and I could not make a sound. The second time I was able to place my hand before impact, but it still hurt. JJ got her playpen out of the garage and placed it on my side of the bed. There is no way we can allow her to sleep in her crib, because we never know when the cell phone that only delivers bad news will ring.

Abu tried to come in the kitchen, once she managed to pry herself from the cell phone of doom. JJ, SS and I were there. SS pushed Abu away, rather forcefully and would not allow her in the kitchen. When Abu's phone rings, SS says "No Abu, no phone, stop it!" SS has never reacted that way when our phones ring.

After a particularly tiring round of listening to All My Crazy, JJ, P, SS and I retreated to the master bedroom, where we shared a bed and gabbed away. SS cuddled up to JJ and peacefully fell asleep. It is painfully obvious that Abu is unable or unwilling to grasp the effect her continuous phone dramatics have on SS. She also doubts that I am hurting and can't pick up SS.
Mama Weed and Baby Weed are about to spread their wings and get through the day on their own. It should be fun, and I know that SS is going to come through brilliantly, just like her brother. We are lucky, we have kick a$$ kids, they are rough, tough, but chock-full of love.

*The Crazy is the 51-year old who can't function on his own."

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