Friday, November 27, 2009

Not much of a Black Friday.

We have not braved a Black Friday outing in years, probably eight years ago. We got up at the proverbial crack of dawn for a much needed down comforter. It was a great deal and we got our money's worth out of it, and then some more. P had his eye on a few electronic items, but the main item was the down comforter. This Christmas is going to be very low key for us. We decided on one big item and two small ones for SS and JJ, and P and I do not want anything.

We tried to get two Blue Ray DVD players from Wally Mart Online, without success. P wanted to go to Se@rs first for the comforters and I wanted to help him by going to Wally Mart. But there's SS, and we could not justify dragging her out under the rain, at that hour. P was sound asleep when I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and nudged him to see if he still wanted to go. He texted me that the parking lots were packed. Some people waited since yesterday. Way too dedicated, not our style. P found 2 queen down comforters (for JJ and SS), and our king size. He also managed to find a Kai Lan doll half off.

Nurse V dropped by today and I did not have good news for her. I had two not so good incidents and bleeding. The stoma retreated and that has caused problems. The rim is raw flesh and burning like heck. The skin surrounding the opening is also badly irritated. Our main concern was the bleeding. If it is from the rim it is not bad, but I have both, external and internal. Life keeps getting better and better for me.

When Nurse V worked on that area I asked P to take SS downstairs. Even though I took my pain meds an hour earlier, it was painful and I did not want SS to see my tears. But wait, there's more... I have another yeast infection. YIPPEE! No wonder I was so uncomfortable. At least the incision is healing better than expected. Nurse V had to apply silver nitrate, but other than that no concerns. This may sound crazy, but I can't wait to get the reversal out of the way.

Since P had to pick up my prescription, he braved the stores again. He was really tired, I wonder how he remained awake. P did not find any of the sale items he wanted, but got a 4 GB SD card for $10, thermal PJs for SS and Baby H's Xmas present. Due to his absence I disregarded Dr's orders and carried SS upstairs. We did have a lot of fun before SS dozed off. I was able to hold her on my lap for about an hour and we had a lot of tickles, laughs, songs and cuddles. I have a serious case of cabin fever. I better get out of here tomorrow before I go postal. We are taking SS to the Exploration Park for a members only event. Hopefully it won't be too crowded and I will be strong enough to stay as long as needed (3 hours).

Last night we tried on SS's fleece snow suit from last year. She used it twice and now needs a new one. We need to go shopping for a 3T. SS is now wearing 3T tops, and the 18 mos. pants fit perfect on her waist, but are just right or (mainly) too short in length. 2T pants are too wide on her waist and almost right or too long in length. Right now SS does not have a pair of good fitting jeans (blasphemy). SS is proportionate, so we don't get the discrepancy between her tops and bottoms. How did our tiny girl manage to fit into a 3T top? We are thinking about getting her skirts and tights for the mild days of winter. SS outgrew most of her footie PJs and she had LOTS of those (about 2 dozen). We are down to about 8, so we have to stock up, and we are getting her 3Ts (Carters). Again, no clue how that is happening. We are lucky that we are not dealing with panties at this time. The smaller size available is 2T and that is for a waist two inches wider than SS's. I read in an adoption forum than Hannah Anderson has an XS size, they are ridiculously pricey, but that is what we'll have to do. SS will have to use pull ups until she can fill her undies. But that is not in the near future. We have decided not to mess with potty training until my reversal surgery. It is completely normal to regress during stressful times (heck, I have regressed into a whiny mess that needs snuggling when the pain gets to be too much), and while SS is doing well, we are mindful that my surgery and post surgery has been difficult on her. Thus, no potty training stress until I recover from the reversal. Oh yeah, good times.

Even the hood was a tight fit.

SS is so happy to be able to sit on Mama's lap again.

When SS starts rubbing dog on her chin, she is ready to sleep.

About two minutes after the previous picture was snapped. Having SS fall asleep on me is one of the best feelings in the world, and it never gets old.

I was not a good patient and took SS upstairs. P was still out running errands and I had to go to the bathroom, I had to do it (this is where you nod and say I had to do it). Apparently Dr. G was serious when he said I should not carry more than 10 pounds, because I felt it.

I totally neglected to post about SS's first real watch. SS wants everything we have and our watches have been on her sights since we met. Her tiny wrists have been a problem in our quest for her first watch. Even those crappy plastic ones are too big on SS. During one of my solo walks at the hospital I ended up in the gift shop. I saw a lady bug watch and it looked like it would possibly fit. When P and SS came to visit I dragged them to the gift shop and SS walked out with her first watch. It is analog, and when the time comes it will help her learn to tell time, AND only $10. SS wears it on her right wrist like JJ and Mama.

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