Friday, November 20, 2009

Nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye...

Nurse V was pleased with the look of the incision, and the Wound Vac and I amicably parted ways. I now sport a regular dressing that will be changed 2-3 times per week. We now wait for the incision to close on its own. The anti-fungal medication worked, and there are no traces of the yeast infection, another plus. I have been hauling the WV since Halloween and was getting tired of it. Whenever I get up I instinctively look for the tube and WV. Of course there is a trade off. The current dressing is not waterproof, and back to sponge bath ville we go. YUCK. At least my wet dressing no longer looks like a foot long sub protruding from my torso. The good thing is that P gives the best sponge baths. When I tried washing myself in the hospital (no showers in the rooms), I flooded the bathroom floor. P was annoyed because he had asked me to wait. But stubborn me, so soon after surgery (the next day), I HAD to do it myself. P took over and the staff were so thankful. Hee hee.

I am doing better with solids, but there is still pain involved. Apparently this is normal, and I just have to wait for things to heal and settle internally. The overall weakness is getting on my nerves, and I am doing my best to eat as much as I can handle. We had Thai for dinner, and P was not pleased with the amount of noodles I ate. Still, it was a huge improvement for me. I have to listen to my body and the consequences, because I am the one feeling the pain. P is P, and he will always try to get his way when it comes to my (and JJ's, and SS's) health, because he is convinced he, and ONLY he knows best. The man has no problem letting the doctors know that they are wrong and telling them what works. They guy has b@lls of steel. :)

SS is not eating much lately, and that is a big concern. She is lethargic and at times withdrawn. She has never been indoors for so long. At least since we arrived home. We are going to ask JJ to take her to open gym Monday and/or Tuesday. Maybe next week P can take her to gymnastics on Friday. It will be quite a while before I can jump around with her. SS really deserves much more than what I am able to give now. We can't wait for JJ to be here, since we know he knows how to jump start his sister.

My ethnic womb struck again today. Nurse V and I somehow got on the subject of blood types and I mentioned that our Dr. has not found it necessary to type SS. In case of an emergency they will type her anyway, but what she does not get is that as parents we NEED to know.Nurse V said, "Oh honey, they typed her right after birth, you do have that information. Maybe you were too out of it and don't remember." It took me a while to respond, because, well, because I was not expecting that response. Nurse V continued, "But P looks so on top of things, how did he miss that?" See, it is all P's fault, at least I have an excuse, I was out of it. BTW, Nurse V is about 60, sharp as hell and very competent. When P was here, she asked what Baba meant, and I informed her that it's Dad in Chinese. I thought it was beyond obvious. P and I had a good laugh later.

Waiting for Nurse V, and not happy that I kicked her out of our bed..



SS is happy that Mama is no longer tethered to the WV. She was getting jealous.


Michelle said...

Yay! Goodbye WV! You Won't be missed! :)

Glad to hear things have improved sightly. I know everything isn't back to normal yet but I think you are slowly getting(Not quick enough for you, I know:) Keep hanging in there.

Brenda said...

SS looks so frickin' cute in that video. What a darling little girl! And you'll laugh at this, K - I first thought you said you were getting rid of your 'VW'. I quickly thought,"she's got a volkswagon??" Oh well - brain cells not firing on all cylinders around here today. You sound so good in the video. Glad things are going in the right direction and that you don't have to drag a 'beetle' around any more!