Monday, November 09, 2009

Best day I've had since that pesky little pain turned my life upside down.

JJ arrived just in time to drive us to my appointment. I lost 15 pounds (all water) since last week, they really overloaded me with fluids. I still have some swelling, but it is not as painful and uncomfortable. I received another "do you realize how lucky you are to be alive, make sure to take it easy" lecture. Gee, it's not like I show up with a cigarette in one hand, a glass of straight whiskey in the other, while talking about bungee jumping after the appointment.

Dr. S was going to administer a pneumonia vaccine and H1N1 shot (due to my open incision), until she saw my dressing. She was concerned about an infection (told you the nurse did a lousy job), and wants to wait until my surgeon sees me Wednesday.

Dr. S nonchalantly asked me what we decided to do about my diabetes. Oh, nothing, because I do not have diabetes. In January 2008, we had to resubmit our physical exams for our updated home study. Dr. S stated that I came out as borderline diabetic. She did not mention anything then, just provided us with the paperwork. I did not see her again until a week before we departed for China. Dr. S realized that "with all the excitement about you traveling to meet SS, I neglected to mention the diabetes concern." Tomorrow, after a glorious 12 hour fast I get to repeat the darn blood test and a few more thrown in for good measure. I have no idea where they are going to get a vein. Not looking forward to play pin cushion on an empty stomach. I am confident that it is going to be OK. This borderline diabetic concern has consistently come up since I was pregnant with JJ.

It's weird how easy it was for me to go into the exam room, leaving SS with JJ. Abu was there as well, but there is just something different. I did not hear SS call for me, and that is rare. When we returned home, SS got to fill up her JJ tank. They played, laughed, ate and had a good time.

The wound specialist nurse came by just as P arrived home for lunch. P forgot all about eating and came upstairs with us instead. He was so upset about the last dressing change, that he stood there supervising and telling the nurse exactly how the wound tech did it at the hospital. Once he was satisfied that Nurse L followed his instructions, P went to grab a quick bite. Nurse L said, "Wow, he's really protective. I'm used to that with parents, not with spouses." P is very shy, but when it comes to JJ, SS and I, he has this confident, I don't care what your credentials are or what you think, I know better side. For such a mild mannered person, he can be very intimidating when in that mode. P returned to "supervise" the other change, but Nurse L did not seem to mind.

When we returned downstairs, SS was asleep next to JJ. We felt really bad, because she slept well last night, but had been very clingy with me this morning, and lethargic. Abu's marathon phone sessions with her infant (51-year old) son wiped SS out. Children are very good at detecting tension and internalizing it. We are glad that SS felt safe with JJ and just turned off the outside world for a while. SS is usually only able to do that with us.

We had a nice evening, not doing much of anything, just hanging out. SS tortured her brother, as usual, making sure he did not have a second to himself. The girl has no problem marking her territory and establishing her domain. It was good to finally see some semblance of relaxation in P. He's been running on empty for two weeks now, and tonight he was laughing. Same here, JJ being here is good for my soul. Best day I've had since that pesky little pain turned my life upside down.

Cutest little witch.

Playing with Baba yesterday.

Getting ready for Mama's appointment... JJ!

JJ, Mama is losing her mind, she dressed me like a girl.

I know I did not take this pic.

SS snuggled up to JJ, relaxed and quickly went to sleep. The unnecessary tension of the past few days caught up with our little gremlin. She napped for two hours (we moved her to our bed after taking this picture).

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