Saturday, November 21, 2009

Remember Sophia on the G0lden Girls?

The late Estelle Getty's portrayal of Sophia never failed to crack me up. In a way, she reminded me of Mami, old, frail looking, but sharp and in control.

Here's our Golden Girl. SS makes anything into a purse and does walk around the house with her little arm like that. I do not have a purse, nor carry my backpacks that way. Oh where did I go wrong? Like Mami, she is a Tanquecito de Guerra (Little War Tank, Mami's nickname).

P was in a hurry to go to the market this evening, and I asked him to take SS. Our poor baby has some serious cabin fever. P declined because he just wanted to get it done as fast as possible. I was a tad miffed, but let it go. P found himself at the supermarket without his wallet. Karma bit his cute, soft buttocks big time. He called me and asked me to please have SS ready and he would take her with him. Silly man, when I asked him to take her all she needed was shoes. SS was SO happy when I told her that Baba was on his way and she would go shopping with him. She did the cutest happy dance. I took advantage of the alone time to clean the kitchen and pick up the mess that is our living room (aka SS's play area). Without SS (a huge distraction) and P (the you are not doing that police) I was able to get quite a bit done plus get most of the meal cooked. I should be doing much more, but the whole bending and lifting restrictions get in the way. Overall, a good day.

Two more sleeps and JJ will be here. It's only been two weeks but we miss him so much.


Brenda said...

You don't have a purse??? OMG K-you should see my HUMONGOUS purse filled with everything under the sun - including mascara should I need it. Better get ready for SS to have a little cosmetic case with blush, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.)

2china4S said...


Brenda said...

Oh yes - you may just end up with a GIRLIE girl here. If she asks for pink luggage and a pink Christmas tree like I did, watch out! I swear - when I was in my 20s and a young professional, I had pink flocked trees at Christmastime. Also pink Samsonite that I used to take on business trips. People must have thought I was one weird chickydoo.Now I cringe. BUT SS is headed in that direction with her purse fetish..