Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OOPS, I did it again.

I am really sorry if I worried anyone with my last post. Two of my not so good qualities came through on that post. My brutal honesty and my ability to minimize things. I was in a bad place, after such a sh*tty day/night/morning, and failed to filter what I wrote.

I have finally conceded that I am hopelessly out of control when it comes to my life at this time. I spent the day taking it easy and that was quite a task. I have laundry to fold and the kitchen is getting messy (I should get our well trained daughter right on it). P has done an amazing job being Baba, Mama, nurse, housekeeper, and sole provider. The guy is exhausted, and he is only human. Before leaving after lunch, P refilled my glass with black cherry flavored water. Want to know how tired he is? He placed the glass on SS's lap. SS could not believe her eyes and quickly grabbed it. The guy drives and works with chemicals, kind of scary.

Right now I am no longer in pain, just feeling lethargic and achy. I ate French bread at noon and that went well. P just made quesadillas for dinner I have one quarter of it down. Let's cross our fingers and hope the Bowel G0ds are not vexed by quesadillas. If that fails, Plan B is a vanilla shake. That should account for the 3,000 calories right there.

I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow. If there are still concerns, the surgeon is going to be our next stop.

Again, sorry for the doom and gloom tone of the post.

A HUGE thanks to Brenda and Michelle. Good to know you two have my back. :)

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Brenda said...

If you can swing it, get Merry Maids to come in for 4 hours and do the hard stuff. Clean the floors, bathrooms and kitchen. Vacuum. It will give you peace of mind. Hope you have a good appt. today with your doctor. Sending lots of good thoughts and karma!