Thursday, November 19, 2009

Duplos and Demerol.

No pneumonia shot for me again. As soon as Nurse L saw me, she realized I did not feel well. When she noted I was eight pounds down from my last visit, she knew something was wrong. Dr. S did not feel comfortable giving me the pneumonia shot until I feel better. Everything looked OK , and all I need to do is stop a medication to avoid the bowel pain from hell.

I had been waiting two days on a refill for my pain meds. This did not help Tuesday night. Dr. S wrote me a prescription, gave me two Norcos to take before the dressing change tomorrow, and suggested a Demerol shot. I had been rationing the few remaining pain pills, and agreed immediately to the D shot. Dr. S told us that I had twenty minutes before I would be out cold. That was almost an hour ago, and here I am posting. :)

SS really got into the Duplos at the doctor's office. She was in her own little world, talking to herself and making car and train noises. So freaking cute. We are having dinner in bed. Totally low class, but what the heck. I ate a whole burger and am working on the milkshake.

SS was really into the Duplos.

She made a train, and was so darn cute when she provided the sound effects, "choo choo."

SS had no qualms about appropriating Dr. S's chair.

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