Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Doing much better.

SS is doing much better today. She no longer has a fever, and although she only took a few bites of her corn dog, she is drinking milk and juice. We are going to keep her indoors until it is time to go swimming. SS and I watched most of the MJ memorial, and when Jerma*ne sang Smile, SS piped in and sang background vocals for him. I wish I had filmed her, but I was astounded, because for once, she was actually singing in tune.

I was ten years old when I lost the best Papi in the world. Needless to say, I got all chocked up when Par*s talked about her daddy. For all his eerie behavior, for all the controversy, he was the best daddy ever to his three children. I have been there and can totally understand their pain. That being said, how many Jacks0ns are needed to adjust a microphone stand? Come on, there were like twelve of them onstage and it took forever. I know, I am all about respect.

If someone would have said a year ago that this is what we would be doing on the one year anniversary for our Family Day, I would have thought they were demented. It is a sad reminder that we can leave our children without a parent at any time. A great reminder to hold them, kiss them, shower them with love, respect them (yes respect is a two way thing), and let go of petty resentment for offenses real or imagined.

During lunch, P commented about how light SS was when we met. Even though the scale does not seem to agree with us, she is significantly heavier today. I recall us being so shocked at SS's weight, and my fear of oral aversion issues. We are happy to note than once SS got a hold of really good, solid food, she never looked back.

A year, just a year as a family, yet we can't remember life without SS. Happy Family Day baby girl.

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