Sunday, July 26, 2009

SS meets Great-grandma C.

During our wait for SS, we felt that Mami, Papi and Grandpa C were watching over our daughter from heaven. They had a great vantage point and made sure to keep her safe until we could bring her home. SS's fourth angel was Grandma C, and her role here was to lend moral support and encouragement. She was excited from the moment P told her about our decision to adopt, and never lost that enthusiasm. For the past year, Grandma C has been one of SS's most vocal cheerleaders. Today, they finally met and it was a beautiful, heart warming moment.

SS does not have a grandma. She has an Abu, a Nana and a Grand Min. Yesterday, when P told her that she would soon meet her great-grandma, SS smiled and said "Grandma." So that is what she is now called. It worked pretty well for us.

SS was her charming self, and totally blew us away by comprehending beyond what we thought she could. Probably the Grandma effect, but she did things we had never seen before. We are meeting Grandma for lunch tomorrow. She is going to be 89 next month.

As we have mentioned, SS scowls when she does not like what she hears. Grandma noticed it right away and said, "Oh, she has the C scowl. It comes from her Great-grandpa." Well, that solves that mystery. Good thing too, because P and I were going back and forth as to where it originated. For once, I am absolved, it's the C scowl. I never met Grandpa C, but P recalls his scowl very well. As silly as it sounds, that simple observation made our day.

Grandma with her eldest grandchild and her eldest great-grandchild.

Or simply, Grandma, SS and P.

SS enjoying the breeze from the AC on her hair.

Always a lady, SS makes herself comfortable.Align Center

A first, SS spontaneously walked behind the coffee table, smiled, and said cheese. Show off.

Grandma, SS and K.

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