Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SS did it again.

SS fell asleep during landing. Same MO, she placed her blanket over her head, and her little head slumped forward. Maybe all kids do that, we just had never experienced it. SS did amazingly well during the flight. The plane was small and it has two seats on each side. I had the window seat next to SS, and P was on the aisle seat across from us. Almost an hour into the flight, SS wanted to get P's attention and said Baba quite loud. She startled the lady seating behind us, who exclaimed, "A baby? There's a baby there? I did not know there was anyone sitting there." She actually stuck hear head around to look at SS. Once she saw her face, she spent the remainder of the flight poking her head around to look at her. Thankfully, SS was unaware, because she was too engaged in the delicate and precise art of sticker placing. The sticker book has paid off in spades. They do not stick permanently, so SS moves them around the page, sticks them on her nose and ours, and wherever else it strikes her fancy.

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