Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She went to sleep at 4:30 a.m.

Yesterday, SS took a late afternoon nap. My intention was to allow her to nap for an hour, then get her ready for the pool. By 4:30 p.m. I realized that there was something off, because I could not awaken SS. Oh cr@p. I thought once P came home, SS would wake up without a problem. Goes to show you what a rookie I am, because that did not happen. SS is still hypersensitive to noises (unless they are the really scary, deafening kind, like fireworks) and that simple act of opening the door sends her running into my arms. Not yesterday, nada. P and I talked for a while, he left to run an errand, I made a phone call as was rather loud, in effort to rouse her, P returned home and SS was still snoring. She was also rather whiny, and everything was met with "NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

I knew I was in for it, and what lousy timing. We basically have two days to get our act together and we are way behind. I did not sleep the night before and could not wait to get to bed. SS had other plans for me and she did not manage to sleep until 4:30 a.m. I'm up because the more tired I am, the more difficult it is for me to fall asleep.

SS is not running a fever, but was coughing this morning. Again, lousy timing for her to get sick. I am going to make an Dr. appointment for her, and if we come across as paranoid I'll gladly deal with it. When he heard SS cough, P's face was classic, as in sheer terror.

We are having a difficult time finding small, age appropriate toys for SS. The two year old crowd is one of the most difficult to keep amused during a five hour flight. You'd think toy manufacturers would go out of their way to design travel toys for them. It might be that we are just unlucky by virtue of where we live. That is why we are dropping by T0ys R Us on the way to the airport, where I'm sure we will be fleeced.

SS is not good at coloring yet, her tiny hands have a difficult time even with big crayons. I am not a fan of play dough, and wonder if we could even take it with all the security paranoia. That leaves us with the DVD player, but I'm not sure I want SS in a catatonic state for five hours. We also know what a restless SS is like, ten hours worth from Tokyo to SFO. Not looking forward to a repeat performance. We thought about getting her a small MP3 player, since she loves music. Of course that means that we have to hold the thing and control it for her, other wise SS would dismantle it in record time. I wish I was one of those crafty, imaginative moms who can effortlessly come up with oh so cute activities. This well is dried and sleep deprived.

My mother was stressing about not knowing at what exact time we depart, what our lay overs are, and where we will be every second we are away from home. P sent her our itinerary, and it had the ticket prices. Abu was shocked at the amount we paid, surprised that SS would pay full fare. Well, no matter how small she is, she will be occupying a full seat, so yeah, full fare. BTW, we did get a great deal. Still, maybe the sticker shock will help Abu understand why it is not easy for us to just pick up on a whim and fly somewhere.

P has that monthly working lunch, so I'm on my own with SS. Great timing. UGH. I need a serious attitude readjustment. Maye after I get sleep.

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