Friday, July 24, 2009

I heroically saved my daughter's life, and my husband is making fun of me.

Yesterday SS and I had a lot of errands to run. Since it gets so hot here, I usually roll down the van windows in the morning, and place a shade on the windshield. I might be reconsidering doing this. We were cruising on the left lane of the freeway, when I noticed a small frog on the dashboard to my right. I had to look twice because the thing was yellow and funky looking. I have never been comfortable around animals and doubt I ever will. My first thought was that it was there because it was cool and it was shaded.

The frog startled me by jumping on to the front passenger seat. I did let out a scream, it really took me by surprise. I began to fear that his next stop would be the seat behind, where SS was blissfully unaware in her carseat. If that frog landed on SS she would have really freaked out, and that worried me. I rolled down the passenger side window and tried to get the frog to commit suicide, but he was not cooperating. I'm a pacifist and a coward, I do not hurt living things, but I was thinking of SS. I picked up a tissue, and with a trembling hand picked up the frog, and tossed it out my window. Gosh, I felt awful, but it had to be done.

I could not get that darn frog out of my head during our trek to Wally Mart. So I called P while we waited at the drive through (yummy limeades from S0nic). I bared my soul and confessed my crime. You'd think my husband would have a kind word for me after my traumatizing encounter with an amphibian. You'd think he'd be thankful that his cowardly wife (who is afraid of the dark) stepped up to the plate, and saved his daughter from the same trauma. Nope, P could not stop laughing long enough to console me. When he was done laughing, he told me that all the coquis in PR would be on the lookout for me. Great, I have yet to arrive and there's a contract on me.

Today during dinner, P in a very matter of fact way stated, "Your encounter with the frog got a lot of laughs at work today. People were particularly taken with how you used a tissue to dispose of it." I love that man, but shall an evil amphibian ever threaten his life, I'm just going to keep on walking. So there!


Michelle said...

I have a frog phobia. Seriously! I have always hated them, even as a child. I don't even know why.

I would have FREAKED and probably caused an accident!

I appreciate that you saved SS's life from the frog. Way to go Mom! :)

2china4S said...

That was my concern as well, an accident. If SS freaked out, for me to reach over and console her (or attempt to swat away the frog) would take a wingspan I do not possess. I would have swerved all over the lane and caused an accident. So not only did I save SS's life, but the lives of those around us. Hee, hee.

Thanks for recognizing my heroic feat. :)

Glad to know I am not the only person who would have reacted the same way.