Thursday, July 30, 2009

El Yunque Rainforest (Part II)

The guy in the brown shorts was jumping off the waterfall. He later helped me reach the waterfall, it was difficult to get under. Much to my surprise, even P struggled.

This is as far as I felt comfortable going with SS.

Right after the guy made sure I was steady and left, my legs gave upon me. The strain of descending with an extra 25 pounds did me in. My legs were shaking and weak. When P motioned for me to swim back, he realized that something was wrong, because I just could not move. He could not help me because he had SS. Still, it was such an amazing, happy experience. One of the best birthday presents ever.

It began to rain pretty hard as I was taking this picture. We moved our belongings (first was the good camera) under the small bridge.I was going to take pictures with my diaper bag camera, when I realized that I had left the dry bag at Abu's house.

People were going wild over SS's wetsuit. Strange, because people surf, dive, and go to the beach year round in P.R. I'm sure babies in wetsuits are common.

SS hamming it up for Baba. Why did I insist on carrying her up is beyond me.

SS enjoying a pineapple limber.

A very tired SS contemplating whether she wants to use the energy necessary to take a bite of her platanutre,

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