Saturday, July 25, 2009

We are finally here. (Updated with pictures).

It's 1:24 a.m., and we are waiting for dinner. Our hotel room is the smallest we have ever seen, but it is OK, as we are here for one night. SS did really well, considering that she was sitting and restrained for close to ten hours. We did give her breaks, but not too many, due to turbulence. Our landing at JFK was perhaps the roughest we have experienced, and it coincided with SS's completely understandable meltdown. This is all over the place, because right now, my brain has shut down.

The good part (see, I can't think straight), SS did AWESOME on the Sacramento to Phoenix flight and got a compliment from the flight attendant. No biggie , since it was only two hours. But that was in addition to a three hour drive. So kudos to our Spectacular S. The funny part, that is totally SS is that she fell asleep as we were landing. P and I (along with the lady behind us who was nosing around) could not believe it. SS wakes up when we whisper, and there we were in the midst of all the noise of landing, and she just went to sleep. I was cracking up as I held her head upright.

OK, more tomorrow with pictures. I'll edit this mess when I get the time.

Oh, people who travel with children are simply insane.

Almost forgot, my cell phone is dead. P's took a spill that shattered the screen and it is working perfectly. Mine fell from the Ergo when I bent over to tag the bags. It was in a thick case, and I lost the home button and although I can receive calls, the other party can't hear me. Freaking fantastic!

Chocolate milk, the breakfast of champions.

We were cutting it so close that P dropped us off at the terminal with the luggage, then went to park the car. This did not go well with SS, and I took this picture after struggling to calm her down. P could not wait for the shuttle and ran from long term parking to the terminal. He was drenched in sweat when he arrived, but we made the flight.

SS is quite strong when it suits her. Her DVD player and goodies were in her carry on, and she managed to drag it around.

Baba, move your arm from my arm rest NOW. SS became very territorial with the arm rests, and would not share at all. She was sitting between us in both flights. It was rather unpleasant for us.

As we were descending into Phoenix, SS threw her blanket over her head. I thought she was just playing, until I saw her head drop forward as we were landing.

Landing SS's way.

Phoenix to JFK. How come Mama and Baba never take the time to read this stuff?

Patiently waiting for her Cup O' Noodles to cool off. SS only eats the noodles, and poor P ended up dumping the broth all over himself. I packed clothing for SS in our carry on, but not for us. I will think about us from now on. The guy did not catch a break today. Check out SS's cool anklet (AKA her ID tag). We had to wrap the tag three times around her delicate ankle.

Half way through the flight the day caught up with P.

The stickers were a hit, so thanks for the tip. I am not a sticker person, and imagine my shock when I saw the price on the sticker book ($12). However, it was SS's sole entertainment on the first flight. We are sure we can ration the stickers to last for all flights.

A rare moment for SS. P removed her from the CARES to explain the beauty of lighting. There was quite the light show and P wanted SS to enjoy Mother Nature's "gift." Never mind that it is widely known that lighting will cause an airplane to precipitate towards the ground. Never mind that his wife and the mother of his children was white knuckling it big time. It was too "beautiful" to pass up.

I am really going to be sad when SS no longer fits in the Ergo. Again, this pouch came in handy. When SS fell asleep, we placed her in it, I covered her face with a hat, and we hustled to the next gate. It happened to be on the other side of the terminal. Had I been carrying her limp body we would not have made it. When SS melted down upon landing at JFK, I removed her as soon as we were taxing and quickly placed her in her safe place. We were in the last row and all the people standing up in front of us really overwhelmed SS. Here we are waiting for P to return from the main desk. SS was really anxious about her Baba's absence, so I kept her in until he returned.

This update courtesy of my inability to sleep like a normal human being. P and SS are sound asleep, which makes me happy.

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