Saturday, July 04, 2009

First fireworks.

After hedging a little, we decided to take a chance with the fireworks. It's the last holiday we had yet to celebrate with SS, so we had to give it a try. Now, this is the child who freaks out when the air conditioner kicks in and when cars drive past our home. Why place her amid thousands and expose her to such noise? Ah, refer back to our fly by the seat of our pants parenting.

As usual, SS pulled the "Oh, so you think you know me, that you can predict my behavior," bit. Ms. I am afraid of any little noise, I go into a tailspin when I hear a vacuum cleaner did an amazing job. The noise was even greater than I anticipated (P got us prime seating), but SS did not flinch. We did make sure to have her by us when the fun commenced, and until the last 10 minutes, SS was on our laps. Still, no tears of fear.

Leaving the area was a freaking nightmare. My fear of crowds kicked into high gear, but I did not have the luxury to dwell on it. We were focusing on SS, and once again, her stroller came in handy. SS feels so safe in her Hummer, that the crowds did not faze her at all. I was bit freaked out at the massive exodus and do not really like people that close to my child. SS was fine, just sticking her head out every so often to look at the people around her. She did not ask us to pick her up once, probably realizing she was better off sitting in her comfy place.

We have video but I won't be able to post until tomorrow, as downloading is very slow.

What am I doing in the middle of a field, surrounded by thousands of strangers and past my bedtime?

First Italian ice. SS was not completely sold on the concept.

9:55 p.m. (5 minutes before showtime), and going really strong.

SS had a blast, and got her cheering on.

Fireworks OD. By now, the novelty had worn off.

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