Thursday, July 09, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream for i keem.

SS is still experiencing difficulties daily, but as always, she manages to laugh and makes us laugh. Usually a downturn like this leads to regression. Our SS does not subscribe to conventional wisdom and rules, and she is showing her spunk once again. It appears that her self imposed speech plateau may be coming to an end. She is articulating more, albeit in her own way. Still, we know and understand her, and are hopeful. Since her March meltdown, SS has pretty much repeated what we say with not much spontaneous input on her part. We are definitely seeing a positive change.

Yesterday, we took SS out for ice cream after our walk. We have been at that place once before, but as soon as we parked, she began to sing "i keem, i keem, i keem.." She knew she was about to have ice cream and was very pleased.

Another thing Ms. Bossy likes to do is point to a table to let us know where she she wants her food to be placed. A cute one is that she now pats the space next to her and says "here." So freaking cute.

Some video from yesterday for the three readers who want a glimpse.

I really thought P was going to unbuckle SS when she whined. Goes to show you what a judgmental witch I am. Sorry P.

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