Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleeping SS

Jet lag catches up with SS. Us as well, but we do not look so darn cute in our undies.

We began our stay by being rude to our hosts. We spent some time talking and the Abus watched every move SS made. They cited intelligence as the reason behind every day acts. We are glad that SS does not understand what is being said. The girl is self-centered already, she does not need further confirmation that she is G0d's gift to humanity.

We gave SS a bath, and we were suppossed to follow. One of Abus' nieces dropped by and wanted to see us. There we were, three days worth of tirednedness, sleeplessness, sweaty and stinky. We passed on saying hi. SS became restless, so we laid her down between us and turned off the light. That is the last thing either one of us remembers. All three of us crashed and hard. I woke up to use the restroom and went back to sleep. That never happens, once I'm up, I can't fall back asleep. P and I woke up at a round 10:00 a.m. It is now 11:14 a.m. and SS is technically awake (woke up at 11:00), but she is not ready for the world. She is next to me on a futon, in the computer room. P tried to talk to SS, she growled at him, and placed her blanket over her head. :)

We are going to let SS join the world of the living at her own pace. Once she is up and fed, we are going to drive to downtown Ponce, all two streets.

As I'm writing this, Abuelo is checking the oil on our rental car. He already washed it. It is not about P and I, it is about SS. He said that he is concerned about her safety. Because we all know how brand new, rental vehicles leave you stranded after two hours of use. This on an island that is 35 miles wide and 100 miles long. Gotta love the grandparent crowd.


We are reconsidering leaving the house today. SS is really lethargic. One thing that P and I have in common is that we try to fit as much as possible in one day. When we go to amusement parks we are the first in and last out. When on vacation, our days are packed and we always complain that we could not do more. JJ went along with it, because he was much older. However, after he moved out, he changed his tune. When we went with him and his girlfriend to Six Flags and Waterworld, both of them thought we were nuts. They were so much younger but complained that we were doing too much. On our last visit to Knott's Halloween Haunt in October 2007, JJ was so frustrated by our pace that he pointed out that we had a baby coming into our lives and had to readjust accordingly. Ouch. He's right.

Not sure that SS can handle being around too many people right now, so we might just chill. There is a playground across the street, so we will probably turn her loose there. That is, when she is ready.

Video quality is poor, because P took this with his iPh0ne.

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