Monday, July 27, 2009

Lunch with Grandma.

Since our unfortunate dash in Sacramento to make our flight, we have been running late. This morning was no different. We had to wake up SS at 11:00 a.m. (8:00 CA time) and she was not ready. This led to a lot of tears and acting out. We can't blame her and can't wait to give her the opportunity to sleep as long as she wants.

We made a very quick visit to Stew Leonard's, billed as the world's largest dairy store. I have never visited a dairy store, so I'm trusting them. P has a lot of fond memories from when Grandpa and Grandma C took him there as a youngin.

SS was fascinated by the animatronics throughout the store. P and I were more impressed by the samples.

This was SS's first encounter with animatronics. We can't wait to take her to the happiest place on earth and watch her face light up.

We met Grandma for lunch at her assisted living facility. Grandma proceeded to introduce SS (and us) to every person she encountered. Once again, SS's front stage persona gave people the impression that she is a well behaved child. She remained in her chair, ate, and was very pleasant.

This travel booster seat has come in handy. I was debating whether it was worth the space, but we have used it twice and it works well. It inflates to a height of 3 inches and it is not too heavy.

Back off people, my Grandma needs her space.

Outside Grandma's place.

P visited Grandma in January 2006, one week after our dossier was logged in China. He was at this Mall, when he spotted two Chinese girls playing by this carousel. P is a very shy person, but he approached the mothers and said, "I don't mean to bother you, but your daughters are Chinese. My wife and I just turned in our dossier." The talked for a while and P was surprised to find out that the girls had just met. They saw each other at the Mall, and became instant friends. P told the mothers that we were expecting to meet our daughter in six to eight months, the wait back then. HA! P called me at work and told me all about the encounter and how beautiful the girls were. I was very surprised that P approached the mothers, especially because he was alone.

Three and a half years later, P returns, this time with his precious SS. Our daughter is still wary of the horses, so we all squeezed on this swing on the upper deck.

SS enjoying her first taste of Nathan's.

We got lost on the way to the hotel and took quite a detour. I was driving and P navigated, as we usually do. It's always worked well, until today. At a point, I looked around me and just knew we were not supposed to be there. I asked P where we were, and he did not have a clue. He was really stressed out as we are leaving really early tomorrow and have to be out of the hotel by 4;00 a.m., and it was past eight. I then asked my lily white husband, "Is this a ghetto?" P just busted out laughing. Guess what? We ended up in The Bronx, a place I visited when I was only five. Needless to say, that was eons ago. At least my stupid question helped ease some stress.

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