Sunday, July 26, 2009

The remainder of the C clan.

After our visit with Grandma, we drove to Uncle J and Aunt M's home to meet with the rest of the C clan for dinner. We were joined by cousin K and wife L, cousin M and wife R, and cousin P and fiance C. Also there were Aunt V and S. Cousin K and her husband live in Massachusetts and could not make it. Once again, SS made out in the gift department. We had a delicious dinner and a wonderful afternoon.

We discussed the attachment concerns and how we are in the process of correcting those concerns. Although every person in that home wanted to hug, kiss and love on SS, they were very understanding and very supportive. The high fives and pats on the head and the back were freely given and appreciated. Not only by SS but by us. We know that the next time SS sees them, she will be in a much better place emotionally. Then the hugs and kisses will be OK.

Nice group picture for SS's album.

Running around with adults made SS hungry. We had to get her a pre-bedtime snack.

P and I went about organizing our luggage, and turned around to see this. The girl knows how to lounge.

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