Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One year at home...

I am a shoo in for the Worst Mother of the Year award. One year ago we landed at SFO, dazed and confused, with our precious SS. It did not hit me until the previous post that we reached a milestone, and we were too wrapped up on this upcoming week to notice. OUCH. What hurts even more is that we purposely scheduled our trip for after the one year mark. It was important for us that SS celebrate her home coming at home. Dude, major donation to SS's therapy fund.

We are going to take SS to the water park, and she can have pure sugar for dinner if that is what she wants. I know that the subject of what children can remember is one of those that make certain people go crazy on either direction. After yesterday, I am even more convinced that there is some residual remembrance. Maybe that is why SS had such a difficult day. And what do we do to celebrate? We are about to do it again. Some people just never learn.

After water time I'll see if SS still fits in that cute denim outfit she wore then.


Mom and Min said...

Dear K,
We don't think that you give yourself the credit which you richly deserve. When we were there last weekend, we saw a loving, attentive,
involved, and caring mother.
Your heart is obviously in the right place, and when this is the case, you can't go wrong
We really enjoyed the visit!!
Love, Mom and Min.

2china4S said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment. P is equally loving, attentive and caring. Wait until you see how far he'll go to make SS laugh. He is half of why she is doing well in so many areas. This weekend I did a bit more, simply because I wanted him to have the opportunity to visit and reconnect.