Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ever since the first leg of our summer trip, SS has been really interested in airplanes. She plays with the toy one we purchased for that trip, and simulates take offs and landings, like we did for her. We are glad that her recent traveling experience appears to be positive, because she may be doing it again in a few months. P thought it would be a good idea to take her to the air show. Our day was not as long as yesterday, but it was really hot.

I was not sure if this was a good idea, but P really wanted SS to get up close and personal with airplanes. She points at them up in the sky, and gets really excited. I have become the Queen of Compromise (yuck), and the deal was that if SS reacted negatively, we would leave. Yesterday, P purchased a toy replica of a Blue Angels jet, the main attraction at the air show. I do not like air shows, because I attended so many, and they bore me. It got to the point that I had their routines down. But P had never attended one and he was really excited about sharing a first with SS. As we approached the airport's terminal, we saw the Blue Angels lined up, and it was neat to see SS look at her toy plane, at the real thing, and excitedly wave her plane at us saying "airplane!".

SS did really well, but the heat was oppressing. The actual temperature only reached 99, but due to the tarmac, it was between 108 (lighter tarmac, where we sat) and 115 (darker tarmac). SS did well but half way through our time there, we became concerned about the heat and spent 90 minutes enjoying the AC in the terminal. We made it back just in time to watch the Angels. People around us commented on how cute she looked simulating what she saw with her little plane.

We were careful to make sure that SS was hydrated, and we periodically poured cold water on a towel and cooled off her sensitive skin. We made a game out of it, and SS played along with us. We do not have good pictures, because I spent all my time getting SS's stuff ready, and neglected to bring our macro lens. Really, who cares if you have great pictures and your child gets heat stroke.

Although SS did well, we are going to limit her exposure to big crowds for a while. We have a weekend away coming up in three weeks and we have changed our plans. Initially, both P and I wanted to take SS to Gilroy Gardens, so she could finally meet Sn00py. SS is going to be wired from spending three days with JJ, and from spending a day with her grandmothers. We can't add more stress. We have also decided that SS is not ready for physical contact outside the nuclear family. No details, but SS is not ready for the real world; only Mama, Baba and JJ can hug and kiss. This is not easy, but it's what is best for SS.

SS and Baba entering a C-17 .

Baba, don't try to distract me. If this is the type of accommodations awaiting me in January, I refuse to fly the friendly skies.

For Grandpa. This Dolphin is stationed in the district we used to live.

SS and the pilot chatted briefly. It's so good to expose SS to positive female role models. SS, don't ever let anyone make you think your gender would prevent you from reaching your goals. Although being at the helm of a hunk of metal that defies the laws of physics is not something we want you to do.

Because anyone who has been here before knows we can't resist a close up of SS.

Enjoying her frozen lemonade.

Cooling off in the terminal.

I like how SS mimics what she sees with her airplane.

Look Baba!

Whenever I see this I think of Shamu. No idea why.

Best shot we got, and of course it was snapped by P.

Explaining to SS the loop she was about to see.

In case anyone has any doubts about how good this stroller has been to us. What you can't see is the bag of snacks and small cooler in the back. There is no way to travel light with a child.

Why? Because SS said "airplane."

So cute how SS imitates with her plane.

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