Saturday, September 12, 2009

Done costume shopping.

I still can't believe that we are done costume shopping for SS. Come on, it's not even October. Last year we had a ladybug costume for SS (purchased years ago), but when SS became obsessed with ducks, P insisted that she had to be a duck. If you have been around here or know us, you know that procrastination is the name of the game in this household. We paid a huge fee to have SS's duck costume delivered before her big H debut. It wasn't all our fault, we could not find a costume locally that we felt was good enough for SS's first Halloween. And Halloween is a big deal here, bigger than Christmas. I do not know if it is because he was born on October 21st, but P is crazy about Halloween. If P did not have a wife and child to support, he would be traveling around the world, a la Mormons, spreading the Halloween gospel. When we were waiting for SS, P would day dream about how amazing it would be if she was born on October 31st. The only thing that softened the blow for P was that SS and JJ were born in March, and both born on the year of the pig (but 24 years apart).

Prior to P, I had never been much of a Halloween person (I know, blasphemy). I have only worn a costume once, in the first grade, and it was a disaster. My mother knew well darn in advance about the school's H party. But being the non Mom type of Mom, my mother waited until 5:00 p.m., the day before to look for a costume. The result? The only costume left in the store was an astronaut. I have never been into gender roles, but that costume was simply horrid. I was teased mercilessly by the kids at school, and swore I would never wear a costume again. P is determined to have me in a costume this year. We'll see.

This paying for my child's costume thing is new to me. Maybe because of the fiasco I just related, Abuela always paid for JJ's costumes. She would send him $75-$100 every October. I told her many times that she did not need to send that much, but she'll just tell me to spend the rest on candy. Hello! The kid was gorging on candy as it was. I know that Abuela's generosity was appreciated by JJ. He always had really good costumes. Now that I think about it, that horrible experience still haunts me, why am I paying for SS's costumes?

Anyhoo, today we went to the Halloween Spirit Store (at the Outlet stores) and as expected they had a few cool costumes. SS looks great in anything, so selecting a costume was tough. That is until SS saw a costume, and made a particular sound. We knew right then that we found a winner. There is one problem, SS can't gain weight or grow until Halloween. We bought her a 12-18 month size, and it fits perfectly. We did not like the toddler version of the costume, so we sucked it up and paid for the smaller size.

After purchasing the costume I engaged in another first. We bought a pair of shoes simply to go with the costume. JJ dressed for H until he was 10, and in those ten years I never paid for shoes to go along with his costume. The worse part is that P did not look at me like the crazy woman I am. He willingly paid $25 for her shoes, and did not even make one smart a$$ remark. The good news is that SS will be able to wear those shoes, so it is not a one time deal. The lady at the shoe store was SO excited about SS's costume. She asked SS to come back. We'll have to bring her back in her H costume awesomeness.

What is SS going to be for Halloween? Come back October 31st and you will see. ;)


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Well after all that stuff....this sucks the big one! :-) can't wait to see SS. This will be a total hoot!