Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A tutu, a skull and Phở.

Don't let the cute pictures below fool you, SS has had one hellacious day. P is feeding her dinner now, and I'm trying to stay out of the fracas, to recharge my batteries and deal with what she has to dish out until bedtime. SS went to bed last night at 11:15 p.m., but slept through the night. No bad dreams, no talking in her sleep, no trashing all over her crib. The first word out of her mouth this morning was "Baba." Things got ugly quickly,when I could not produce the object of her affection.

Lately, SS has been in touch with her inner nudist. She puts up quite a fight when we try to dress her. When she is home, we just let her roam around in her diaper. It gets really hot over here, and it is not unusual to see kids out and about shirtless, or in a diaper. That is not our style, so we have had quite a few screaming fits. On Sunday, P found a pair of PJs and a cute dress with a cute skull theme. This brought one of those never say never moments for me. I can't stand tutus and had no interest on ever seeing my daughter wear one. But the cute dress had that fru fru stuff. P really wanted it, so I gave in. I have become a total sap. The funny thing is that every time we have tried to put the dress on SS, she screams and slaps the tutu. Too funny. Since she was already upset, I went for broke and put the dress on. SS slapped that tutu furiously, She then noticed the skull, gently caressed the it and said, "Oooh, pretty." No matter how tough things get, SS is my girl.

For lunch, P introduced SS to Vietnamese food. SS loves to meet Baba for lunch. We had Phở, plenty of noodles and meat for SS. Keeping with her feast or famine routine, SS did not eat much, because she had an excellent dinner yesterday. Her behavior at the restaurant was not outrageous, but more than what we find acceptable.

After lunch we went shopping, and SS kept reminding me about her mood. SS is generally good while shopping. This afternoon I got a glimpse of a side of SS that we had not seen before. I was looking for something for Cousin H. He is a newborn boy, and I focused on items for him. SS was not impressed by my browsing and protested accordingly. I guess she is used to have us only shop for her, but I honestly did not think it would register. Whenever I picked up an item, SS said no, and tried to slap it out of my hand. A woman noticed and commented, "I hope those are not for her little brother." Seriously, I did not know shopping jealousy existed. Our last stop this afternoon was the grocery store. Completely unprompted, and to my surprise, SS said "trouble, trouble," several times. I took a very short video (below). Her observation was appropriate and cute. SS might be ill tempered at times, but at least she has insight.

P just got through a fit with SS. Her screams were glass shattering high. When the storm blew over, P sighed, and said "Sorry." Sorry for what? He said, "I can only imagine how trying today was for you. You dealt with this all day long." Yeah, I did, but I also signed up for this, eyes open wide. SS is two, what can I say? P did a wonderful job with SS. Even though she was in a mood, he stood his ground, set boundaries and dished out consequences. P is learning not to let Hurricane SS obliterate him. Good job Baby.

SS is finally calmed, fed, and we are having some outside time before bed. I am really hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

ETA: SS fell asleep at 8:44 p.m.

SS brought her own spoon.


Still using her left hand when eating.

How can anyone be this cute? BTW, SS fought valiantly when I dressed her, slapping the tutu away. Yeah, that's our girl!

How much is that doggy in the window?

At least she is self aware.

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