Wednesday, September 09, 2009

SS has sharp eyed Abus.

Abuela sends us e-mails after reading posts. She always has something grandiose to say about SS. She is also quick to defend her granddaughter's honor when she feels we portray SS in an unflattering manner. The latter is also known as when we are honest about our daughter's behavior. Yesterday, she commented that SS's first picture was the mirror image of a picture or painting hanging on her wall. Color me stupid, because I did not have a clue. Abuela just e-mailed me the picture, and she was on the money. Sorry for being skeptical, but the Abus are known for ascribing non existent qualities to SS, and to see more than we usually see. The sad part is that I spent eight days in that house and did not notice the picture.

Only Abuela would compare our Brutus pequeñus to...

... a Victorian dainty little flower.

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